Online Ammo sites, suggestions?????

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    What online ammo web sites would you guys/gals suggest? I want sites with good customer service, great prices, and those that are reliable.

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    Wideners has been great for all my blazer aluminum (and FGGM). For surplus I generally just find whatever.


  3. vallen

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  4. second for wideners wholesale, centerfire has some bargains and good shipping rates
  5. squeak_D

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    I live in West Virginia
  6. I use MidwayUSA, , for just about all my online orders now. Prices may not beat everyeone else but their shipping charges are usually lower than the others and MidwayUSA is a super fast shipper.

    I have ordered from twice in the past for bulk orders and was very pleased. Another place I got good service and decent prices from was Natchez Shooters Supply, , nice prices and shipping is not too bad.

    One place I DO NOT order from anymore is Cheaper Than Dirt, , their shipping charges are highest I have seen and it appears they make up for low prices by jacking up shipping cost.

    Hope this helps.

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