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    Break checking or doing anything aggressive when carrying is, indeed, a bad idea. That being said, the video certainly does appear to show the idiot in the Z-car pointing a weapon at the guy who fired through his windshield. When someone is already pointing a gun at you, shooting before that person is certainly justified. Was it the smart thing to do in this case? I don't think it was absolutely necessary. After all, he could have just slowed down and gotten behind the guy. It would have been impossible for the other driver to have shot at him in that case.
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    In other news. Rach is from Florida what stupid shit will he pull to get on the news. tenor.png
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    I was on an episode of Cops when I was 17...
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    Found it source.gif
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    Has Cops been on that long?

    Inquiring eldar
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    Over 30 seasons when it got cancelled. 1989 - 2020
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  7. According to the driver/shooter, this isn’t road rage, it’s self-defense.

    A longer version video captures the car earlier with its driver attempting to swerve this guy off the road and also not just brandishing but directly pointing a handgun at this guy and his truck.

    Both this guy and the passenger have stated that the other car actually opened fire at them. Apparently there’s been quite a few lifted trucks getting carjacked by some people pointing guns at them to get them to stop, then rushing up pointing guns at them.

    So it seems like this guy simply refused to stop to a carjacking and when the car tried to get in front and brake check him, that’s when he pulled his gun and started shooting into the car.

    Which then sped off and never reported the incident to the police or anyone else yet.
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    @Stromm - sheds a little different light on the subject. Interesting that it was never reported
  9. The full video was all over reddit and FB for most of the day it was posted.
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    I don't do FB, never heard of reddit. Old fart, ya know.
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    :cheers: :D
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    Something about the Hot-Crazy Matrix comes to mind.
    He’s got a DUI, she’s got an arrest and a misdemeanor (?).

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    I wonder what she would do for one of these.....
  14. There's even a @moona11 Klondike Choco Taco version
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    That looks like a redX on my computer. Yet I can see it when I quote you.
  16. TNT, thanks. I've edited and used another image.
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    Prove it
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    I was 17. My juvenile record is sealed. I got a 6 month ACD and released without bail because my buddy's parents were FBI agents investigating the FBI/ Hell Angels corruption in Buffalo and they agreed to return me to court.
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    Yes but I just mean cite the episode so we can all watch it and comment :rotfl:
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