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    Ninth paragraph -

    "Hatley has been arrested on 48 occasions, mainly on POLK County charges since 1971,..."

    I repeat, POLK County is soft on criminals.

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    Apparently he was trying to sell it for scrap. This is a known problem. People go and steal metals and then try to sell them for scrap prices. Aluminum bleachers, copper pipe and wires, household appliances, in-window air-conditioners... you name it. I heard a few years back of some woman who caught an illegal scrapper stealing her collection of antique excavating tools (steam rollers and steam shovels and stuff) she had stored on the back 40 or something.

    If it has value, a <cough> "scrapper" will try to steal it.

    OTOH, I've been able to get rid of absolute garbage just by leaving it in front of my house. Had a dead dishwasing machine, full of stinky water, that I stuck out by the sidewalk. Next morning it was gone. :)

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    I put a TV on the road down the street last year. The tweakers put it in the shed of the Tweskerville Plantation! :lol: they didn't take it when they moved.
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    Nice Dodge.

    Apology accepted.

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    How I get rid of old tires here... stick them out by the curb in summer with a free sign, the migrant workers grab them for the junk field trucks and vans they drive when up here(saves their $60k pickup for the tip back and forth). I get rid of tires, they get a carcass that holds air to run on the field roads... win win! I save $5 tire disposal fee... they get a free tire...
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    Put a wooden office desk by the mailbox earlier this year.
    Put a sign on it “Going out of business”.
    Two guys in a golf cart drove up and asked me how much I wanted.
    I said if you take it in the next 30 min it’s free.
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    People don't believe the stuff I got rid of when we moved - desks, swings, single beds, broken lawn mower, boxes of books, old box fans.... Saved me a ton in dumpster fees
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    Where I live if you put a free sign on something it will sit at the curb forever. Put a high price on it and it's gone over night.
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    Not here, man. The vultures cruise the alleys 24/7 looking for garbage to scrap or sell on FB. I loaded up the garbage trailer and parked it in the alley. 3 days later, even the bookbag full of porn dvd's and used dildos was gone. I sent a wtf picture to the landlord and it turns out it was his daughter's bag o stuff! :rotfl:
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    Its the neighbor across the street with the barking fogs
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    You, too.

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    Yeah, like HICK-man county Tennessee doesn't have a bunch of whack jobs :lol: You ain't got the market cornered on crazy down there man!
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    Oh yeah, they’re everywhere. Would say it’s like an invasion, but some of the whack jobs are ok. Don’t wanna lump them all into the same bowl of nuts. :lol:
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    The real crazy's went to the ends of the country/ CA, and Key West!
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    They get tired of living in a trailer with no heat. So they steal a bunch of stuff or do a odd job to get the money and move to Florida. Then they make the news.
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    Pretty much.
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