Only One Knife

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  1. We did only one rifle, lets do the same with the knife.

    Same senerio, you can only have one knife to serve all your survival needs, from shelter building to trimming your toenails.

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    I guess I'd go with my trusty 4" Buck Diamondback in the Kydex sheath. Nice sharp little knife that will do just about what i need done.

  3. My Buck #119 sheath knife is what I would grab if I could only take one knife. It's kinda large, but not a jumbo knife, and has worked well enough as my one knife in the field on many trips so I would not miss the smaller knives at all.

    You can use a large knife to do a small knife's job, but you can not use a small knife to do a big knife's job.

  4. SharpsShtr

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    I'd take the old standby, the military Ka-Bar fighting knife. It's tough and have proved by millions of servicemen over the years.

  5. I really wish I had more then one of these fine blades.... This is an absolutely awsome knife. Manufactured for the USAF... Quality all around !!

  6. Dreamthief

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  7. Fenix

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    Ok, what is that and where can I get one? :twisted:

    Edit: Nevermind, found it and now I can't wait to buy it hehehe....
  8. That Gerber is a nice looking knife... what's the cost?

    I totally forgot about another knife, even though I no longer have one thanks to someone using their Five Finger Discount some years back, and that would be the Air Force Pilots Survival Knife. I used mine for all sorts of field excursions, hiking, camping, hunting etc etc and it was a bit handier than my Buck. The carbon steel blade needed constant attention though, or it would rust under harsh conditions, but it was a great knife for all around use.

  9. Price varies on it from what I paid @ $65.00 shipped to $115 if your not careful where you buy from. It really is a great knife though, and to be honest I think I would pay the $115 for it if I had to. I have used it for everything from field dressin deer to driving in tent spikes, Hasn't let me down yet and holds a edge like you wouldn't believe !
  10. I ahve been thinking of geting one of those, where is the best place to get one?
  11. Ari

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    It would be a Emerson for me. Benchmade Emerson or just an Emerson...

  12. billybybose

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    One of my bobs has 7 knives from a couple swiss armys up to a bowie.If I had to pick just one I'd go with a ka-bar.
  13. SharpsShtr

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  14. They bayonet that came with my Romak 3.. Built in wire cutter and everything
  15. elguapo

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    One knife...I have a new Kabar..but dang, thats soo stays in the box. AF "old school" survival knife, yeah...
    But what I have is a gerber folder that I always carry...
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    Leatherman. Outside of that, i'd take my trusty Spyderco. You don't need a 2lb chunk of steel and the small size/weight would be nice.


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    I was always partial to a big blade my self. Always lept a machete in back of my seat of my truck years ago I have a 12" survival knife I bought in 1985 that is neavy but sharp and have used it for camping and even doing construction once when I needed one