Only ONE Rifle....

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  1. Ok guys, you gotta choose just ONE rifle to cover ALL your survival needs. Scenario is simple... You can ONLY have ONE rifle!

    Have fun.
  2. If you're talking any rifle, regardless of legal restrictions, the M60. If you're talking one I can currently legal own, the MN91/30.

  3. If I had to choose just 1 rifle for survival it would be a Ruger 10/22.
    It is small and although the 22 lr round dosn't have the knockdown power of a 7.62x39 or a 223 I think that it will work. I will be avoiding the firefights as much as possible . Remember that it won't be like it was in the military with plenty of support , if you get hit you are on your own NO MEDIVAC . The 22 will take a lot of small game up to and inclding deer.
  4. Ahh, the old standby. I'd have to say something in 9mm for the tradeoffs between price, availability/scrounging potential, accuracy, and power. It's not great in all those areas, but at least gets on the board in each. If I still had my 995 I'd go with that; for me it was much more accurate than my kel-tec sub2k.

    If I had to pick out of the guns I currently own, the 10/22 wins over the Kelly. Lower noise signature, ability to improvise suppressors, weight/availability of ammunition, and accuracy. I've got a set of Zephyr sights and find them much more accurate than factory.

    I've been trying to build one of these, but the factory's had a hard time cranking them out:



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  6. Here's my choice and why...

    Marlin 925M .22Mag scoped bolt action.

    If I had to keep just one long gun for all my survival needs this would be my pick. It's good for small game out to 125 yards yet potent enough to take down a white tail with good shot placement. I have used the .22Mag to take countless squirrel, rabbit, coon, armodillo, coyote and a few feral pigs.

    Had considered one of my .22lr chambered guns but the .22Mag offers more power and longer range, and the ammo is not that much heavier or bulkier. Also considered my Marlin 1894 .44Sp/.44Mag lever rifle but it's just not as versatile when it comes to taking a variety of game animals to keep the family fed.

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    I'd take an ar then team up with my pals rimfire and loopster :D Seriously I've never been hunting and am stocking up on food,so self defence would be my primary concern.
  8. AK.

    Good enough for defense as well as taking game and more robust and dependable than an AR yet still has capacity that hunting rifles don't have.
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    My SKS: I own it, I can shoot it very effectively, and I am used to loading those stripper clips. The caliber is effective to way out past handgun range, and will go through a car door. I REALLY want a underfolder AK and ammopouch bag with half dozen magazines for SHTF gun....but one step at a time.
  10. I guess El Guapo is now Juan Valdez, el guapo!
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    Maybe something like this?
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    That's an easy one - AK47 in 7.62x39

    We don't need no stinkin' spare parts, can fix it with a hammer and tin snips...
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    FAL the bullets don't mind only having to go a short distance when necessary
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    Century Arms CETME. .308 Winchester in 20 rnd mags. Will take the bigger game for a longer lasting food supply. :D

    Squirrels, rabbits, and birds are fine for single meals. Taking deer, bear, elk and other large game for drying into jerky, smoke curing or making into pemmican takes a little larger round than a .22LR or .22 Magnum.

    While a lot of deer have been taken with a .22, it takes a really good marksman and woodsman to get close enough for a clean shot at the head of a deer to bring it down with a single shot. Those of you who can do this, my hat's off to ya'll. :mrgreen:
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    Probably a 12 gage shotty (If I could only have one) I this way I could have many types of ammo one gun.
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    This is a hard choice. So many to pick from. I have a soft spot for the .410 and would likely go that route. Why?? It's fairly lightweight, versital enough for hunting or self defense and is not all that expensive as far as ammo goes.

    What type of gun? My dream gun in .410 is the Marlin model 9410 lever action. I would either get that or if possible a Saiga in .410. They are AK based. Don't forget that the .410 is nearly the same caliber as the 45 long colt. :)
  18. I am kinda stuck. Part of me wants the .30-30 lever gun and then another part of me would like the M91/30 and then the last part of me want's the 7mm Rem Mag. Hell, all of them would do the job just fine as long as my ammo supply holds out.