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Discussion in 'CCW & Open Carry' started by Oaktree45, Jul 21, 2020.

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    This is my new open carry holster that I'll be wearing when I go hiking. Barsony offers these in Black or Woodland Green, I'm glad I ordered the green. I've always liked flap holsters for pistols. I do wish they would make one with a pouch for an extra magazine. I bought this holster for my Springfield XD-45 Tactical which carries 13 + 1 so it will have to do. My Browning Hi-Power fits this holster perfectly too.

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    Wear that around the house with a magazine inserted in the pistol for a while. Sit down, stand up, lean against things how you might normally do it. The reason I say this is that I deployed with an issued flap holster in '03, before it became a common practice to buy better equipment--before it was even broadly permitted in most conventional units. I had several occasions where my magazine release got depressed while my M9 was in the holster, and the magazine would fall out in the vehicle.

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    That's an excellent idea. I plan to do that tomorrow. To be honest though the only time I plan to wear that holster is when I'm hiking so hopefully I won't have to worry the magazine release.
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    I like the looks. Hope it works like you want.