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open carry question

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if i choose to open carry, how visable must the weapon be , before being in danger of arrest from carrying a consealed weapon without a permit?
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wen i OC i always wear mine with my shirt tucked in or shirt draped behind the gun itself. i guess the best thing is to be as visible as possible.
You're in Ohio, so there is no explicit definition of what is open and what is not, however: you cannot OC without permit in a car, and you cannot use a flap holster - somebody went to jail over this even though the holster was in the open. I would recommend you use an open OWB holster and make sure your shirt or any other item of clothing does not cover the gun at any time. Basically, the gun should be obvious as a gun to bystanders, and not covered.

I strongly recommend you check out opencarry.org (specifically the Ohio section) and ohioccwforums.org (they have an OC forum) for much more information.
I would say that you should leave no perception that you are trying to conceal the firearm. If I looked at you I should be able to see without question you have a gun.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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