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I was wondering if those of you that are in open carry states can give us some statistics about what the crime rate is per capita in your states. I am curious how it compares to states that are not open carry. I also posted a poll about whether you would prefer Concealed Carry or Open Carry. I would also love to know your thoughts on whether we should have to be licensed in order to carry.

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I don't know of any statistics for crime for open vs. concealed in Indiana .. Luckily in Indiana you can carry either way .. With that said the state recomends concealed carry when around the general public to prevent scaring them .. I normaly carry open when going on walks , driving , getting gas, and doing things outside of the house .. I carry concealed everywhere else unless it is unreasonably uncomfortable due to weather or other reasons .. I would carry open more if the general population was more informed of gun laws .. I find most people are ignorant to the fact that people carry handguns around them everyday .. I think it would be nice if we could have a national open carry day to show our support for handgun ownership .. Then we could eduacate people on how many responsible gun owners are around them throughout the day ..

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The stats are probably available - go look for PA stats if you like. I don't think the numbers mean anything. EVERY citizen here has legal right to carry open. Of the 0.0000001% that elect to, that's not enough of an amount to make a difference in crime between the states that 0.0000000% are allowed to.


This is an interesting article as a starting point.

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keep in mind there are many variables that factor into the causation of crime, like socioeconomics and how closely people are living to one another/urbanization.

but here are NH crime statistics (an open carry state and a CC with permit state)


I OC, and my personal crime rate is quite low. I have had several instances where shady characters have decided to move on to other targets after seeing that I am armed.
tch tch lol now how do you know they were shady? sounds like your stereotyping? maybe a little? j/k I don't blame you, I just wish I had time off during business hours to get my license...Then I would be a shady character deterrent too...

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It's illegal in florida to open carry, but you can conceal carry with a permit. And you can have one in your car concealed without a permit, as long as it is "Securely encased". Meaning in a glove compartment, whether or not locked; snapped in a holster; in a gun case, whether or not locked; in a zippered gun case; or in a closed box or container which requires a lid or cover to be opened for access, and it can be loaded. Most people here think that there has to be three steps with is not true

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Wow, your laws are terrible, guys.

Oregon for life.

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This is from the census. It doesn't have anything to do with open carry, but atleast you know the crime rates. I know AZ and NM are open carry states. NM has one of the highest crimes rates per capita. I do not believe however that open carry would have that huge of an impact on crime... Being that most open carry states do not have a ton of people walking around carrying. Granted every once in a while you will see some one, but not all the time.

State Rankings -- Statistical Abstract of the United States
[When states share the same rank, the next lower rank is omitted. Because of rounded data, states may have identical values shown, but different ranks. Cautionary note about rankings]

State Rate \2 Rank
United States 466 (X)
Alabama 427 22
Alaska 635 7
Arizona 504 13
Arkansas 499 15
California 552 10
Colorado 374 25
Connecticut 286 34
Delaware 568 9
District of Columbia 1,371 (X)
Florida 711 2
Georgia 456 19
Hawaii 254 39
Idaho 245 41
Illinois 543 11
Indiana 325 29
Iowa 271 37
Kansas 375 24
Kentucky 245 41
Louisiana 639 6
Maine 104 49
Maryland 701 3
Massachusetts 459 18
Michigan 490 17
Minnesota 270 38
Mississippi 295 32
Missouri 491 16
Montana 294 33
Nebraska 309 30
Nevada 616 8
New Hampshire 167 47
New Jersey 356 26
New Mexico 687 5
New York 442 21
North Carolina 448 20
North Dakota 79 50
Ohio 342 28
Oklahoma 501 14
Oregon 298 31
Pennsylvania 411 23
Rhode Island 247 40
South Carolina 784 1
South Dakota 172 46
Tennessee 695 4
Texas 541 12
Utah 236 43
Vermont 112 48
Virginia 276 35
Washington 344 27
West Virginia 271 36
Wisconsin 210 45
Wyoming 230 44

X Not applicable.

\1 Violent offenses known to the police, which includes murder, forcible
rape, robbery, and aggravated assault.
\2 Rate per 100,000 population. Based on Census Bureau estimates as
of July 1.

Source: U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Crime in the United States, annual.

For more information see http://www.fbi.gov/ucr/ucr.htm
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