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    Will someone please tell all of the so-called “open carry advocates” to go home and stay there? All they seem to accomplish is making people uncomfortable, making gun owners look bad, and impeding the very cause they claim to be advancing.

    Open carry of firearms without licensing or permitting, also called Constitutional carry, is what such people claim to support. But instead of just doing it in the normal course of a day’s activities, they gather together in public places to display their firearms in ways that do nothing for freedom or liberty, and only cause setbacks to gun rights.

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    That's because they're actually Libs using reverse psychology.

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    Gee.... Public demonstrations sure seem to work well for every liberal BS talking point if the day, with no setbacks for their cause..... Gay marriage, black lives matter. All these groups can do as they will, and they're brave and courageous for taking a stand.... But open carry demonstrations where no laws are broke, and no arrests are made, are setting us back?..... ImageUploadedByHi-Point Forum1440258459.992491.jpg
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    Look at what they accomplish:

    1) They annoy the police.
    2) They annoy ordinary people who might otherwise be at least tolerant of gun owners and help to convert them to anti gun people.
    3) They even annoy those who are strong backers of Second Amendment gun rights.

    Most of them are not well spoken and don't get their points across well. They belittle those who disagree with them in the name of protecting the Constitution.

    All in all, they need to wise up and calm down.

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    so reading this thread I just learned that one of the mods is attempting to insight an hpff riot.

    I'm gonna go loot my fridge for a sandwich now.

    I'll psycologically terrorise my dog by getting a glass of ice water and not giving him an ice cube.
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    Kory Watkins was thrown out of the OCT ( Open Carry Texas ) group shortly after he joined due to his constant attempts to incite aggressive actions. He then formed OCTC ( Open Carry Tarrant County ) and began his aggressive tactics in public and on Legislatures. Rep Poncho Nevárez (Democrat) is an staunch opponent to open carry and concealed licensing in general. Kory went to Poncho Nevárez office and threatened him, resulting in Poncho Nevárez requesting emergency notification buttons in Legislatures offices. Poncho Nevárez never filed charges against Kory and no legal action was taken against him for the threats. Kory Watson cannot get a CHL in Texas because of his criminal background, and has ties to the Democrat party. While unproven, but based on the fact Poncho Nevárez never pressed charges that would have definately held up, it is speculated that Kory was working with Poncho Nevárez to discredit OCT and to influence the public opinion and thereby assist in getting the open carry bill voted down. The bill was passed, albeit not in its original version that would have allowed open carry without a CHL. The passed bill allows open carry by those possessing a CHL.

    This is old news.
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    Mole Likes This [​IMG]

    Figures... :mad:
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    I didn't make that up boss...just posted part of the article for the folks that are not interested in clicking on a random link.

    Open carry much?
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    i meant that now we will spend the next days arguing/rioting over open carry right or wrong.'

    I only open carry when i want overpriced gross coffee.
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    Maybe if they had signs and such for their demonstrations people wouldn't be in fear when seeing open carry in mass.
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    I've always liked this video and posted it before:

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    And for the record, I'm not advocating acting like a over the top dink, when participating in one of these...
  14. Open carry has been protected in NC for 94 years, except for places with a bunch of Yankees there is no mass hysteria by the public. The only people that get scared of seeing a gun, are those people who are scared of guns, hoplophobes. It is no different than a homophobe that gets offended at seeing two people of the same sex holding hands.

    Like any rights issue there are people that do not have common sense, same as every profession. It is human nature to have bad people in society, they work themselves into every corner of society. Like football coaches, priests, evangelicals, plumbers, roofers, the grocery store clerk.

    Basing the whole on the few would limit almost every right we have. Might as well lock yourself up in the closet.

    One thing about OCT there never has been a violent crime committed while they have been present. Not only did they not commit crimes, it would seem they may have prevented crime.

    ETA because gun laws, and unarmed populace works so well to corner crime.(sarcasm)
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    OCers Rights Matter!
  16. If OC annoy or scare people so much, why is that the Oath Keepers in Ferguson MO open carrying have gotten the locals there interested in open carrying themselves?

    The Oath Keepers and the locals there are planning an open carry rally for Ferguson. Given the income level there, I expect a few will be carrying Hipoint carbines.

    The only people who are annoyed or scared of OC are the same ones who would only be comfortable if we had no guns.
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    it really depends on the given scenario and the person doing it and in what manner. These online youtube hero's trying to make videos that will get millions of views really are the problem. Often times they are not recording for their own purposes, they don't care to advocate the right. they're recording to get a rise out of the officers that approach them. These people would not be happy if they could walk down the street open carrying and not be approached, they live for the attention and finding people who will do something wrong. Some of the demonstrations are good, but some of the idiots walking around scaring the bejesus out of civilians and take up law enforcement time are hurting the cause.
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    It more comes down to mindset. Most OC people do so without much fuss, but there are the 10-15% that do so with the wrong intentions. These are the ones that seem to get most of the publicity from the is what they are looking for.

    I prefer to CC for reasons I am not going to go into, mainly because some people will try to argue with me and say I'm full of crap, but my preference is based on some real life experience, so I do as I think.

    If a person OC's, within the confines of the law, then so be it...I don't even pay any attention to what they are doing. That is the way it should be, but if you are OCing, just to be intimidating or some kind of wanna-be "operator", then you need to get over yourself and not bring the heat down on the rest of us who own guns. Again, it's not the object that is the problem, it is how the object is being used by people. In the end, it's a "people" problem. JMHO.
  19. Personal choice, and responsibility are the backbone of freedom, and liberty. I could not care less for anybody reason for doing a legal activity. Frankly it is NONE of my business. I think a lot of people do a hell of a lot of assuming not based on any facts, only emotion. This is something I expect more from Mothers Demand Action.

    People do a lot of things for attention, including posting on the internet. Women wear makeup, and dress attractive for attention, and there is nothing wrong with that. As long as they are not breaking the law, life goes on.
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    So far I have seen nothing positive about open carry. It has done nothing for gun ownership, and has alienated more people that it has impressed. I think it is pushing the button to open carry just to prove a point. They have a right to open carry, why shove it down people's throats who are against it or who are frightened by it. They have rights as well. The 2nd Amendment does not precede the rest of the Bill of Rights.