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  1. dirtygutter

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    I didn't get to see the last of the posts on this topic, did any one have a economical replacement/solution to the hex head operating bolt?
  2. panoz77

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    Short answer, No.

  3. Mr Merriweather was working on one, but no update as of yet if he's finished it or not.
  4. elguapo

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    It made out of titanium?
  5. Uraijit

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    No, the only thing that comes in titanium is bent firing pins...
  6. mjd932

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    Agreed. Unobtanium is a much better choice for material.
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    Okay, which one of you is going to come here and get the coffee out of my keyboard?

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  8. vallen

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    Here was my heat shrink tube solution. gives it an added grip w/out pinch.
    put a strip on the hex head too.


    oh and putting your keyboard in the dishwasher works- seriously. just make sure it's dried thoroughly.
  10. Uraijit

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    And it's only weldable with Thermite...
  11. andrew241

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    So when you take the bolt handle off do you have reheatshrink the head of the bolt? Still would be worth it if you do.
  12. vallen

    vallen Member

    Yes. I heat-shrink-ed the handle first, then did the bolt head .
  13. Haven't worked with heat shrink before. What size tubing am I looking for? Also, I don't have a heat gun. Are there alternatives or do I need to go get one?


  14. Huggy

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    You don't need a heat gun, but it makes it really easy. I've used a glass top electric stove a few times, even a propane torch, but no direct flame or it'll burn. Soldering iron will work too, get the tubing close, but don't let it touch.
  15. vallen

    vallen Member

    I used 3/4" tubing i had in the shop. I just use a lighter held several inches below (no where near the flame) and watch it shrinky-dink.
  16. I bought a screw cover for $.30 at the hardware store.


    The problem is tightening the bolt, and it makes the knob ride really close to the housing. I also had to ream out the hole in the cap.


  17. I keep wanting to try out all these great ideas. Then I remember I don't have a 995 anymore.

    When I get my next one I think I'm going to grind off the edges of the hex bolt head and cut a flat-head slot into the top of the bolt. Then I could tighten with a coin or screwdriver and not have the bolt bite quite so bad.

    Shrink tubing and the bolt head cap are also likely possibilities.

    Thoughts? Suggestions?

  18. vallen

    vallen Member

    What is the benefit? Looks like it's pinchy! I'd hesitate grabbing it with full force.
  19. I suggested rounding the bolt head off and using a Dremmel to put a slot in it so it could be tightned with a screwdriver, but no one seemed too impressed with the idea at the time.

    I still think it has possibilities :D
  20. vallen

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    At least with the shrink tube you do not mess with the integrity if the bolt.
    Dremelling a phillips notch is harder than it looks. if it strips out, you are f'cked.

    Best bet is to machine a new knob with a deeper throat to keep that hex bolt contained. Or replace the bolt with a rounded hex inset head.