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  1. Has anyone attempted this mod?

    I was talking to a buddy of mine and he was questioning the reason for it being on the left side. We got to looking at it and we did not see a reason why it could not be put on the right side.

    All it would take is milling a slot and hole for the hold open feature. I'm pretty sure it would void the waranty on the gun though. What do you guys think, should I attempt it?
  2. Mordecai

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    Point blank, unless you have another $150-$200 to dish out, NO.

    That, and it could be a really dangerous modification when you go to see if it works.

  3. I understand the change of the firearm not being warantied anymore, but I dont think I would completely eliminate the value of the gun.

    Why do you say its going to be "very dangerous"?
  4. I like the bolt handle on the left side for this type of gun. I insert the mag with my left hand, right hand holding onto the pistol grip, and the bolt handle is right there to chamber a round.

    If the bolt handle were farther forward then having it on the right side would be something to consider.

  5. Lashlarue

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    I'm left handed and having the charging handle on left side is a safety feature for me as I cannot have my finger on the trigger and operate the charging handle at the same time. I hold the fore-end with my right hand, index finger on my ATI laser button. I have seen others use the magazine holder and trigger as their way of carrying the gun which to me would create a scenario for an accidental discharge when operating the charge handle.It may called a pistol grip, But as a safety issue I dont believe its the proper was to carry the rifle.

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    Well as long as your finger is OFF the trigger it don't really matter where you grab it. I use the pistol grip with my finger well away from the trigger and I feel absolutely safe doing so. But feel free to do as you see fit the safer you feel the better
  7. Mordecai

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    Because when you're modifiying the bolt and charging handle, you're changing the actual firing mechanism, and no offense to you Bushman, you seem to have some excellent work(I want a trigger and end bolt cap version 2!)like you said yourself, you don't have any experience with this kind of thing. For that, I would call hi-point and stay in contact with them throughout the whole process.
  8. Thornbury

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    Why would I want to remove my right hand from the pistol grip to work the bolt? Say you had a dud and needed to eject it, seems the bolt handle is where it needs to be to me. It looks odd at first, but I think you would prefer it as it is after trying it on the other side. And I do believe holding by the pistol grip is the correct way to carry this loaded carbine. JMO.
  9. Actualy, since the hole for the charging handle goes completely through the bolt, it seems to me that there would not be a difference in weight distribution or anything, its just the weight would be on the right side instead of the left.

    The only thing I could think of would be in case of an accidential discharge while your hand was near the bolt, there would be the worse case of your hand getting hit by a spent casing or finger getting caught in the bolt as it closes.

    If you did get hurt, I cannot see Hi Point being willing to take any responsibility at all, but it is an interesting idea none the less
  10. Mordecai

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    The bolt would work better on the other side, I just think its the job for a professional gunsmith, not a very skilled novice.
  11. Ari

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    I would really like it on the right, But one must be very careful when trying this type of thing. I would have thought that the right hand side would have been the first place Hi-Point would have tried.
  12. All professional gunsmiths start out as skilled novices. The difference is experience, and you dont get that without trying new ideas.

    If he wants to try it out, and it works, fine. If it blows up you hope no one gets hurt and mark it up to experience.
  13. Actually Mordecai, like waltham41 said, the holt hole goes all the way thru and the bolt will thread on the other side, the only mechanical change would have to be a slot on the sheild that offers no real mechanical structure or support.

    But as Ari said, why did they go with the choice of left if its as easy to but on the right... hmm.

    Also, even though I'm not a gunshmith, I can make parts and alterations to firearms. Just like I'm sure some of you are not auto mechanics but you can still rebuild a carb or change your oil. Just know your limits.
  14. Thing is, if the bolt handle was on the right side of my 995, it'd smack me in the nose every time I shot it. I shoot left handed, so that would kinda freak me out.

    Also, something to consider. Your brass is going to be ejecting directly under the bolt handle, IF you decide to mod your gun this way. You will have to make sure that the handle isn't going to deflect the brass or cause a restriction on the brass as it ejects causing jams. Just an FYI.
  15. That is the only real concern that I see, and I am with you primal, as a lefty that handle would sure hurt when it hit my nose LOL
  16. Mordecai

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    Alright, my bad, then I just need to shut mu mouth and let you do what you do, lol, and if it works, thats another thing I'll be ordering from ya, hell, I already want both of your products now!
  17. jason865

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    Bushman, it will work just fine as long as you notch your receiver cover. The only way it would cause a problem with the firing mechanism is if it rubs the receiver cover and doesnt allow the action to open and close smoothly.
  18. Ari

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    You lefties got me thinking I will have to go look. I would think it would be like shooting an AK, M1,M1a, M1 carbine ect...
  19. Huggy

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    The only problems I see other than possible brass deflection, is the reciever cover itself. The cover has those raised bumps on each side that increase vertical surface. I'm thinking aside from possibly adding some rigidity and style, they provide a flat surface for smoother function.I don't know if the bump on the ejection port side would be enough to snag the operating handle cap in mid cycle or maybe the cap won't seat properly on the curve to get a good hold open function. Might also want to use a different bolt for the operating handle, and a thin threaded sleeve, or fill, drill and tap for full contact all the way across, since the receiver is only threaded on one side. Just my observations by looking at it. I had been curious about it, but never bothered to try because I'm a lefty, and I like the handle where it is. I'd still really like to see it if anyone gives it a shot, I love some mod porn :wink:
  20. Well, I was just tossing the question out there. Seems to me like a "relatively easy" mod. Just wanted to see if I missed anything or if someone had already tried it. Not sure I will do it on mine.