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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by snrek, May 16, 2014.

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    My c9 nosedives and jams the first round when the magazine is filled to the max and I rack it by hand. Thinking it was the magazine I carefully applied all the "fixes" to the original 8 round magazine. No change. So I bought a 10 round magazine direct from MOM and didn't touch it. Same thing. Today at the range I found that with an additional round in the chamber (10+1) it would fire the first round out of the magazine after the one in the chamber and every round thereafter without a jam.
    It appears that something I do to manually feed the first round out of a full magazine causes it to jam every time but it "cycles" fine. I try to load the magazine correctly, angle of the rounds, each round touching the back of the magazine, etc. It now appears to be "operator error" but if I don't load the magazine all the way, it works fine. Am I racking it too slowly/gingerly?
    Any thoughts?
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    As far as this particular issues, most likely that is exactly what the problem is. You really need to rack that slide aggressively on the C9.

    Not quite sure what you mean by "it cycles fine" if it is jamming.

    Did you have that problem with the 8 round mag took or just the 10?

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    most people will want to hold the slide as it goes forward which will cause problem on most guns the best thing is to pull slide back and release it like it is a hot piece of metal u just picked up.
  4. Nature of 9mm tapered round in a single stack. Leave your mags loaded all the time, do not lube them with oil, use a dry lube. Lock your slide back and leave it it locked back for a week, then try it. All else fails buy some +P ammo and run through it, betting the problem clears right up.

    Tapered ammo usually has a problem because the more ammo, the more play allowing the round to nose dive. Add to that when the spring is at it's tightest(full mag) the heal of the first round is resting in the groove of the rim. The slide must push the shell past this detente, and when there is slack it will nose dive if too tight. Your mag springs need to wear in, your recoil spring needs to wear in. Make sure the dolls head groove has lube also, this is your rear rail on a ring of fire gun.
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    That's probably what I'm doing, following the slide back with my hand and racking it too slowly. Back to the range to try racking the slide properly!
    Thanks to all.
  6. Yeah, you aren't supposed to do that with any semi-automatic firearm. Pull the bolt back and let the springs do the work.
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    Some call it the "slingshot"

    What you are doing is known as "ham fisting"
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    anytime i use steel case ammo it nose dives. I just hit the back of the slide to drive the round home. works everytime. i learned a while ago not to baby my hi point. He will eat up steel case all day long. with pretty decent accuracy.
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    My first advice is to polish the feed ramp. If the nose of the bullet is hitting the ramp then it sounds like it needs to be polished up. That way the bullet will slide up into the chamber much smoother.

    Second, when inserting a full mag of ammo, hit the back of the magazine against your hand or something sturdy. This will seat the rounds of ammo all the way to the back of the magazine. When loading magazines the ammo doesnt always seat properly. As you go to load it, it may not be in the proper position to chamber.

    Third, when inserting a full magazine of ammo, lock the slide to the rear. Insert the magazine and release it. This allows the full power of the slide to properly work the action and chamber a round.

    I hope something works out for you. They are great guns once you get everything tweaked just right.