Opinion of Bersa Thunder 9mm

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    I'm thinking of getting another 9mm along with my C9, anybody have experience with the Bersa Thunder 9mm? I really need a pistol that is fully ambedextrious for a CCW, I'm kinda picky that way.
  2. Havn't fired one in years. The one I had jammed alot, but after a tear down, cleaning, polish here and there, it worked great. The one I had was old and hadn't been cleaned in a long time. From what I've heard, alot of people like the new ones though with little to no problem.

  3. I liked mine just fine. They have a newer Concealed carry model with a bobbed hammer and all of the pointy edges taken off. The recoil is snappy but manageable, fairly accurate and feels nice in the hand.
  4. hi there....I own one and is my main CCW pistol.

    Reliable 100% out of the box, it just needs about 200 rounds to loosen up and for the trigger to start getting sweet.

    You can't beat a pistol that packs 13 rounds of 9mm, DA/SA, safety/decocker, ambi controls and you can conceal it, for around $350.00

    IMHO, best "bang" for your buck.

    my 2 cents, good luck.
  5. They got 'em at my local Gander Mountain for $289....tempting....
  6. I once owned the Bersa .380 and loved it. It never jammed, once.
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