Opinion of Kel-tec and should I buy this rifle?

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  1. Fenix

    Fenix Guest

    I saw the announcement for the RFB and was thinking it would make a great SHTF/MBR/all-around weapon.

    So what is your opinion of kel-tec, personal experiences are appreciated.
    The Rfb is pretty much a bullpup metric FAL, costs about $1800, 18" barrel (so no SBR tax) and can take 20 & 30 round mags of .308 . Any opinions?


  2. Uraijit

    Uraijit Guest

    It's definitely got a cool-factor to it. It's also relatively new on the market. If I did get one, I'd probably hold off for a while and see if it gets any cheaper.

    Of course, that could backfire if the dems try to outlaw bullpups...

  3. IMHO you could find a better rifle to bet your life on WTSHTF.
  4. Isn't it a bit early to tell if this would be a good SHTF weapon or not, given that it's not in full production yet?
  5. Ari

    Ari Guest

    They are said to be over $2k
  6. Highest I've seen for preorder was 1799.99, but prices usually go UP rather than down, so you're probably right :)
  7. Ari

    Ari Guest

    well 1800 is cheaper then the F&N 2000
  8. True enough :) It does look like that new Kel-Tec will be pretty sweet too. It's out of my price range for anytime in the next few years, but still, nice looking weapon :)
  9. Fenix

    Fenix Guest

    Well any rifle is out of my price range for the next few years so I'm saving up. But after finding the Magpull Masada: http://www.magpul.com/pdfs/masada_technote.pdf

    I'm gonna go for that one instead. It's about $200 cheaper (included NFA tax for SBR) and in 7.62x39 (so plenty of cheap ammo compared to .308). wicked little rifle.
  10. Eqfan592,
    I have a dislike for Kel-Tec's . Sometimes it shows up in my post . I have 2 of their handguns.
    I would feal safer with a couple of 995 or 4095 and spend the rest of the money on ammo and mags than to invest in something that may or may not work when you take it out of the box, yes you can send it back to be repaired for free , but what if TSHTF while this (prize) is in FLA. being repaired . :shock:
    That is why I put IMHO in my first post , because it is my opinion.
  11. while nice, ammo costs would be high, rifle cost is high, and they aren't out yet.

    Kel-tek makes nice stuff and i'd love to have one, but its way out of my price range.
  12. Cost should always be your first priority in SHTF preparations. You don't want to be using a $2000.00 dollar gun for SHTF when a $200.00 gun will do the job. To me, that's a waste of money that could have been better spent on food, ammo and magazines, BOL preparations etc.
  13. Fenix

    Fenix Guest

    Which is why I settled on the masada, it's cheaper(both in rifle cost and ammo), more reliable, without compromising stopping power and needs no aftermarket work. you can lock this post if you want, I got enough feedback to make my decision :) Thanks to everyone for their help.
  14. Nah, that's fine, locking isn't necessary. As time goes on, someone may come along with a different approach or ideas. It's good to leave threads like this open so things can be added later as necessary.

    You're welcom Fenix, we're all here to help out. :D
  15. Ridge

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    Speaking of Kel-Tecs...my dad said he saw a Kel-Tec AK, usual black synthetic stuff, folding stock, etc...said it was available for $380...I said meh, that Romanian AKs with the classic wood furniture could be had for $400 new...
  16. The thing that has me skeptical is the ejection system that just kind of slobbers the casing out the front. I would wait until there is some user reports on how it works before I got one.
  17. yes it drops casings out the front. Not sure off hand if the vids are up on kel-tec's site but there are vids of it being fired at a range.
  18. Ari

    Ari Guest

    The F&N 2000 has been doing that awhile and it works good
  19. I have seen the videos. I know FN 2000s use , but its not an FN and has a longer ejection track. Even FNs haven't seen extensive combat in sand.

    I would still wait and let someone else be the guinea pig for the money involved.
  20. vallen

    vallen Member

    I'd wait to see how it fairs in the real world. You will be paying premium "gotta have the newest black gun" prices for a few years.

    I might recommend the SU-16 if the build quality was a little better. Kinda plasticky and breakable.
    Get a Ruger Mini-14/30. Built like a tank and versatile. If you need it to fold, you can get a stock for it.