Opinion request - 995TS vs .410 Pump Shotgun for Home Defense

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  1. I am curious as to how many people think the Hi-Point 995TS is better than a .410 Pump Shotgun for home defense?

    Specifically, when compared to the Mossberg 500 .410 Cruiser model. You can swap out the pistol grip for a regular or bantam length butt stock to make it a shoulder mounted gun.
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    .410 slugs are well .410 caliber.
    Personally I'd run the 995 with reliable hollow points.
    More capacity too, don't know about recoil on the .410
    Laser or flashlight can be easily mounted on the 995.
    I like 'emergency' bump in the night guns to be able to be operated with one hand so semi auto.
    Your other hand may be injured or fighting with.

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    A shotgun is a good home defense weapon, without a doubt. Nevertheless, a 995TS would be a better choice. You would be able to fire followup shots with it more effectively, and a quality pistol round would be quite effective against an intruder.

    On the other hand, if you have concerns about neighbors in an apartment building, the 9mm rounds would retain more energy than the shotgun pellets. 00 shotgun pellets will penetrate drywall, but they will have less energy, after going through it, than the heavier 9mm bullet.
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    I have a standard Mossberg .410 which fires Buckshot, Benneke Slugs, or PDX1. I can verify that a 3" PDX1 out of a .410 shot gun is extremely badass. I will take the .410 any day over a rifle for in-home self defense.
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    Carbine...not rifle...lol
    Rifle rounds is a whoooole different story.
    7.62x54r anyone?

    My bump in the night is either my .45 pistol or my 1930 Remington Model 11 semi auto with 4 slugs in the mag and 5 on the stock.
    But that thing is a master-blaster and kicks like a rented mule.....

    Less time...grab the .45
    Slightly more time .....grab the 12 gauge
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  6. Kind of depends upon the person, how good they are with a gun and their nature if the need for home defense happens.

    For the .410 and off the shelf ammo I'd say follow what Army Scout says about the PDX1 ammo and use that.

    Years ago I came up with my own .410 load that used 2 cast .357 bullets. The 2 bullets grouped at about 2.5 inches at 25 yards - good enough for home defense. Plus each bullet had more energy than a 9mm. But one would have to load their own. I know my old man kept some of these around, but luckily only ever shot a possum with them.

    As of today, I'd be comfortable with either gun. But I stay calm, wake up fully awake, have 10,000's of rounds and many hours of practice in and my vision is ok. The practice is the only thing that I had anything to do with and God provided that rest for free.

    Do you currently own one or the other? Or are you thinking of buying one? If your thinking of buying, the main advantage of the 995 would be the hugely cheaper and allow for several times more practice.

    FWIW. I have used a 995, as in designated, as a hda and currently have a different and more powerful carbine of for that. I did grap the 995 once for what may have been a problem, but the guy(gal?) left( I think they had the wrong address and realized it). The one time for actual home defense that an arm was needed I grabbed a modern sporting rifle instead of a shotgun and that worked very well.
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    Ballistics aside, let's look at the $ figures.

    • the 995 is less $ than the Mossy, retail to retail, or used vs, used
    • 9mm is cheaper than .410 shells, round to round
    • the 995 is easier and cheaper to outfit than the Mossy

    Now ballistically, the shotty is not really as "point and shoot" as most
    people like to say. In-home distances being typically short, the shot
    will not spread out very much at all. Meaning: You still have to AIM!
    So there is not that much advantage in a 410, since it has less shot
    than any other standard shotgun shell.

    995 FTW!!!
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    As far as a pistol/long gun combo is concerned: you can go either way with that too.

    Random semi auto 9 mm + 995 or
    .410 Shotgun and the Judge.
    All depends on budget.
    The best gun for you is the one you can afford.
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    I'd pass on using the Mosin for indoor defense unless you want your first reply to every question to be "Huh? Sorry I couldn't hear you" for the rest of your life.

    Depends on how naggy your wife is if it's worth not hearing her anymore so that's a judgement call.
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    The carbine is better. It is shorter, easier to handle, easier to shoulder, easier to aim, greater ammunition capacity, and has a more much gentler recoil.

    Peace favor your sword (mobile)
  11. Just to toss it out there a Circuit Judge with a Judge backup. Two revolver actions holding both 410 and 45 Long Colt. One a carbine and the other a pistol.

    Now in answer to the question there's a 995TS beside my desk.
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    2 words:
    Bayo Net
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    Depends on where you live. Urban, I'd go with the .410. Bird Shot at close range will give someone a bad hair day BUT not shoot through the wall and kill someone else. Rural, 9mm might be okay. You'll still have to worry about punching a hole through the Perp, through the dry wall and into your dog. You dont want to kill the guy or the guys dog that lives right next door....maybe you do. I dunno

    Honestly, get BOTH. .410 for IN the house, 9mm if it gets serious and/or you need to take it outside.

    I always recommend people buy three guns"
    a shotgun (guage is up to you)
    a center fire rifle (calibre is up to you)
    a center fire handgun (calibre is up to you)

    I'm not gonna get hung up on the calibre debate....pick one. Preferably a commonly used one. So, dont get a 16 or 4 gauge shot gun, 9.3 Mauser rifle or a .32 French Long pistol.

    Done, off soap box. End message, net clear.

    Sorry, I doubled up on my VA Meds today

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    That last article concerned 50 yds and closer and most posts were pretty much apples to oranges. One will be shooting feet not yds inside a house. During WWII they made 18" barrel M1 Garands but they were still technically called "rifles". The common name was "Tanker Garand".
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    Between the two, I would go with the .410. I have some 000 buck loads that I have complete confidence in.
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    Well, any gun going off in a house is gonna have you going huh. I have constant ringing of the ears, but a rifle round would most certainly be "off the hook" as far as sound goes.

    That nice cruciform bayonet would certainly be quiet though. :p
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    well,I like Army scouts points...........but go one step further. I own a 12 guage, and havent fired a 995ts,so I am speaking from style of weapons.

    If I was clearing an office building the 995ts hands down, or a large house, like from scarface.
    For a standard house like mine, I say the shotguns are better, even though the reality is that the shot doesnt spread as much as many people think, unless you are a combat experienced vet, the adrenalin will most likey stop accurate aiming.

    Shot gun from the hip, in my opinion will give more damage potential as a door is being kicked in.Of course I am assuming we are talking about stand your ground and defend.