Opinions on .380 ammo for self defense

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    Can't tell them anything. I been pushing that video series for years. Also pushing it on this thread.

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    I can't find that info. Got linkies up hi go.

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    Here's the problem: WHEN the .380 HP expands, how deep does it penetrate? 8-10"? That's less than the FBI requirements. Penetration kills, not expansion.
    The most important thing is reliability, then penetration, then expansion
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    Did you watch the videos? If you did you wouldn't have asked that .
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    The gladiator was heavily muscled and covered with gang tats. It took five of us to restrain him long enough for a proper exam. The cops said he had been shot with a .380 ACP pistol maybe 15 minutes before we met. He was cursing us vigorously throughout.

    The only stigma of injury was a small black hole between his sternum and his right nipple. There was very little blood and no exit wound.

    Over the next few minutes, the man’s demeanor changed dramatically. He began begging and pleading with us to keep him alive. In moments he was ignoring us altogether and shouting passionately for Jesus. Then blood began to froth out of his mouth, he arched his back, gurgled horribly, and died.

    The man had exsanguinated into his lungs from damage wrought by a single .380 ACP FMJ round that had thoroughly ventilated his pulmonary vasculature. By the time we could substantively intervene, he was gone. However, he could have fomented a great deal of mischief before he succumbed to this single perfectly placed round inflicted by the same sort of pistol I carried every day.


    I once read that, on average, 60 percent of those hit with gunfire at any spot spontaneously fall down. It is the other 40 percent that you have to worry about. Bullets can be notoriously unpredictable in human flesh, and real life bears little similarity to the movies. If ever called upon to use your defensive firearm for real, engage the threat until the threat is no longer threatening.
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    Thinning the herd one pill at a time.
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    POLICE: Is there really a significant difference in terms of wound ballistics between a 9mm, .40, and .45?

    Vail: Other than the size of the ballistic projectile, nope. Because unless you hit something vital, it doesn't matter what you hit them with. You could hit them with a .45 in the shoulder, they're gonna survive. You hit them with a 9mm in the shoulder, they're gonna survive. You hit them with a .22 in the brain they could die. So, stopping a threat really does not come down to caliber, it is shot placement.

    Handguns are lousy stoppers; it doesn't matter the caliber, they are just not great at stopping threats. Because of the ballistics profile and the amount of energy that a rifle round carries with it and dumps into the body, a rifle is a much better instrument to stop a threat.

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    Two policeman in separate states who investigate crimes told me the two worst things to get shot with are the .22 and buckshot. Getting shot with anything is a bad deal. Ask a Ranger.
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    I did watch the videos...what question did I ask?

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    Expansion and penetration of the Ammoquest testing.

    In reference to shot placement @SWAGA SC trooper shoots bad guy with .357 5 times. Bad guy shoots trooper above vest with a .22. it traveled over and hit him in the heart. Dead Right there. Bad guy lives.
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    The final authorities....."Shoot Tonto, I don't want the hassle"


    "Only the knife knows what goes on in the heart of the pumpkin"......
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    A .380 pistol is fine for self defense if you are proficient at using it, and willing to commit to using it. A 10 mm or a .45 ACP +P offers a little more leeway into how far from a vital organ you can hit, but a 10mm that misses by three inches isn’t worth nearly as much as a .32 S&W short that hits the brain or carotid artery. But the same can also be said the other way around. You are the actual weapon, the gun is just a tool; but some tools are better suited to the task at hand. That doesn’t mean that other less ideally suited tools can’t also be used to accomplish the task. You just have to be good enough to make use those tools. If you are Nolan Ryan, a baseball to the side of a head is probably just as good as a .45.
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    This is very good. I have a printed copy to re-read before shooting any more people. Also will be carrying various calibers in order to choose the most effective one considering the situation. I would hate to see a perp. suffer because I used the wrong tool. On second thought, I think I'll continue using my commando knife. ; )
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    Why print it. Just commit it to memory. I haven’t killed people, but I have killed a lot of animals, and they are what I relate this subject to.

    The point I was making is you have to know how to use what you’re using. It wasn’t directed at anyone. When I took my CCDW class, a guy came in with a 1911, but put more hits in the white than the black. Another guy had a H&R 732 snub nose. An anemic weapon, but he put every shot in the triangle between the eyes and nose. Which one would have a better chance at surviving an attack?

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    So many LEO's in Europe used to carry, or still carry the .380 as a duty weapon? Ball ammo or JHP? I'm just asking to you worldly dudes. Glock has full sized or compact .380's they don't sell in the USA. LEO guns? Maybe.

    Brazil has lots of LEO .380 stuff including AR's.

  17. This is a great story about Clayton Moore (Lone Ranger) that Jay Thomas told on the David Letterman Show. Jay was a DJ in Charlotte NC and they were doing a promo at a car dealership with a special guest appearance byThe Lone Ranger It's really funny.

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    7.65 Luger also at 90gr. and 1200fps
    Kirk will tell you most is now replaced by 9mm.
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    Hollow points in pistols was a relatively new concept.

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    NE Utah
    7.62 Browning, 9mm Korto, or 9 mm Kurtz. Pretty common back in the day, but yeah, 9 mm is the one now.