Opinions on .380 ammo for self defense

Discussion in 'CCW & Open Carry' started by Greg B., Nov 21, 2018.

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    I never said that .380 HPs wouldn't expand. They will even from short barrelled pistols BUT not reliably at the lower velocities and WHEN/IF they do, they penetrate shallow.

    I can't speak to the Troopers story. I'm not sure of the point. Again though, what killed the Trooper? Penetration of the . 22 deeply into the body cavity. The . 357? I dunno, I'd have to read the after action shooting review. Too many variables: ammo type, barrel length and shot placement.
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    I have a hard enough time hitting a paper target at 10yds and you guys are talking about hitting a moving target, in a specific body area, that may also be shooting back at you, all this while you're evacuating your bladder and bowels. Plus you've included the seasons...does the perp have a coat on or is he just wearing a tee-shirt?

    Unless you come up against a battle hardened criminal who has some sense of cool under pressure, a junky who is high/desperate and looking for a way to pay for his next fix, or someone with road rage who happens to have a firearm, chances are once the shooting starts the other guy will also be evacuating their bladder and bowels. Whatever the case it'll be a smelly situation.

    It's the road rage types that worry me, too much of that shit happening.


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    I looked for that video couldn't find it. Point being cop got shot above his vest and it traveled over to the heart.

    For shitZ and giggles one of these days I will make some pork based gel and test the unobtanium value pack Remington J HP''s and other rounds out of the LCPII
  4. I think their is a video out there of the Remington Value Pack .380 JHP's on the Ammo Quest series.
    I seem to recall that they didn't expand at all and were like FMJ's.

    I've seen another video of the Remington Value pack 115 grain JHP's in 9mm and they perform about as well as any other 9mm.
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    Not sure of what the laws are in your area about picking up roadkill, but if it’s fresh maybe you could use that as a test for bullet penetration.
    You could dress it up for clothing penetration. :rolleyes:
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    @greg_r needs to go out and get some wild hogs, and we can send him ammo to test!:) He probably has different 380's with different barrel lengths, and we can send him the ammo of our choice to test out:)