opinions on aftermarket sks stocks

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  1. mattk

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    i recently purchased a yugo sks and was thinking of an aftermarket stock. there seem to be several models available and i was wondering if anyone could recommend a good one. thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. Silicon Wolverine

    Silicon Wolverine Well-Known Member

    the best is the drag stock made by choate machine and tool. top quailyt in both materials and manufacturing. The ATI stocks are fine but can be lacking in both areas mentioned.


  3. mattk

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    thanks silicon wolverine. im glad that is the stock you like best, because it is the one i had in mind. i had a choate stock fo my mini-14 and was impressed with it. does any one have an opinion on those new tapco fusion stocks? they seem to be popular with alot of people.
  4. Make sure you are compliant with 922r. I was going to buy an sks instead of my hi-point then found out about this stupid law. No colapsible stocks, and then there's the 10 rule. I don't know about other states, but I know that how NY is.
  5. mattk

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    yeah, those laws are a pain in the a--. so if i were to install a choate dragnov stock, and keep the original 10 round magazine, this would not be a violation of these laws, right?
  6. Tolyn

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    Far from an expert on the subject, however I did do a fair amount of research before deciding on a 995 as opposed to an SKS.

    My understanding is that if you alter the weapon in any *one* way that makes it different from it's original military configuration (ie: adding an aftermarket stock) then that nullifies the weapon's C&R eligibility and makes it subject to 922r compliance.
  7. Silicon Wolverine

    Silicon Wolverine Well-Known Member

    if you use the chotae drag stock, technically its a thumbhole so you can use 30 round mags of your SKS has the bayo lug ground off. If it doesnt you cant have the hi-cap mags

  8. mattk

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    thanks silicon wolverine. i guess i am only interested in the stock. those hi-cap mags are cool but i dont have alot of cash for ammo. the 10 round magazine keeps me in line. :D
  9. Jarhead1775

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    Check out these SKS stocks. They have a good selection. If you see one that you like ask Benny if he could get it for you. From now on Benny will get all my business because he is one of us.

  10. MalcolmStone

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    Me personally, I'd go with the Choate. I have one of their stocks on my Savage and it's awesome. It is heavier than the other stocks but it's sturdier too.

    I had an ATI folding stock on my SKS and I hated it. Felt too flimsy.

    Just my two cents.

  11. I'm with SW. The choate is top notch and looks better than the ATI imho. The ATI monte carlo style stock is nice though. While I haven't shot it my uncle has an sks with this stock. I don't have any experience with the folder.
  12. Silicon Wolverine

    Silicon Wolverine Well-Known Member

    Chotae stock are made of a heavier duty polymer than ATI and theh also have steel reinforcements cast inside them. ATI stocks do not.

  13. +5 to the Choate stock. This is the only after market brand of stock I care for when it comes to SKS's. ATI stocks are less expensive but inferior to the Choate in quality, fit and finish. Spend the extra money on the Choate and you wont regret it.
  14. mattk

    mattk Guest

    well it looks like the choate stock will be the one i go with. thanks for the help. im pretty shure Benny at Milsurpstuff has these. his prices and service are great. i got all my 995 assesories from him. now i just have to save my pennies for awhile.
  15. Here is what I put on mine. I like it alot. It is the Tapco T6.

  16. Silicon Wolverine

    Silicon Wolverine Well-Known Member

    Aries- did you put in the correct number of compliance parts? Most SKS stock conversions need US parts added to be legal.

  17. neothespian

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    I'm just flat out irked at the way you have to spend twice as much as you paid for the gun just to make it compliant when you change ONE thing. But, laws are laws and it befits us all to make sure we're in the right peramater.

    With that being said, I've had a bit of a revelation: What if you took the issued stock on the SKS (which is a decent rifle stock) and instead of ripping it out completely and dealing with an aftermarket stock that is too light, perhaps trying to rubberize the surface of the gun. I've seen a TON of those "dippable" rubber tool coatings as well as some spray on types, and have thought "Wow, a rubberized finish. That could really be useful and perhaps a bit more comfy"

    Of course, I have to wait till I get my Federal Tax return and my rebate check until I can get an SKS of my own to try this. But this along with my FEG are next on the list!
  18. all that really needs to be changed to make an SKS compliant is the mag, stock, handguard, op rod, and gas piston. I wasted my time and money to be compliant. Its such a bull Shite law, but I will abide by it.
  19. MTguy

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    +7? on the Choate Stock. I recently put it on mine and have been very happy with it. I also had the Choate scope mount installed which required a bit of dremmeling but is solid. I ordered in some final parts to complete my build and will post pics soon. I also added the requisite number of compliance parts that I purchased from Tapco.

    As a complete shameless plug for Benny, I ordered from him, CheaperThanDirt, and some random optics site (Benny sold out of the scope I wanted while I was trying to get friends to order from his site) all on the same day (Thursday @ 12:45). My package from MilSurpStuff was waiting for me at home after work. At 10:00 p.m. I got my first confirmation that CTD was shipping my package and nothing yet from the optics place. Thanks Benny.
  20. uncle jerky

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    Ikept my Yugo SKS in its original configuration,cleaned the cosmoline off the wood,and then refinished it.IMHO, the Yugo's original military wooden stock is superior to any aftermarket stocks as it was the original,tried and true design for this rifle. But, Chaote does make some nice stuff.