Optics for the 995...?

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  1. After 3000+ rounds through my 995 the on/off battery nob ontop came loose and fell off my Red Dot Barska 50mm. It preformed well and I was very happy with it until it broke.

    I may have gotten a defective scope or it may be the quaility of the Barska, I am unsure. But I wont be buying another one to find out.

    I dont want to pay more for my optics than I did for the 995. So what are you using and are you happy with it?
  2. I got a cheap little 4x NCStar scope from Sportsmans Guide. It works well for me. I don't think I paid more than 20 bucks for it.

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    I use a Tasco 3-9x40 at times and a holographic red dot from eBay. Both work well. I think I paid $30 each.

    I'm currently thinking of getting a smaller, more compact scope. Looking at a 2-6x28 for around $30-35.

    I've had a Barska 6-24x60 on my Savage .308 for a few years now with no problems. I think they're a very good company and are just now starting to get some recognition.

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    Fix it.

    In most low-end red dots, the on/off/rheostat knob is held in place by a locking ring on the inside. It actually lines the battery cavity. I've had my Simmons 42mm red dot on my Mossberg 20-gauge and I recently noticed that the knob was loose. I tightened up that locking ring (there are two cuts in the top of the ring for a screwdriver or whatnot) and the knob is tight as it was on the day I bought it. Give it a try.

    If not, Midway sells the Simmons red dots for under $40.
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    Fix it if you can. That sounds like advice...

    I have gotten two leapers UTC scopes in the last year and I like them.
  6. I got the cheap reflex sight of milsurpstuff.com and had nothing but good results. Check it out, it's pretty sweet.
  7. It cant be fixed, or at least I cant fix it. The cap seems to be held on by a rubber ring glued in place. It has a year warranty so I will send it back.

    The 3000+ rounds have been over 4 range trips. The 995 and Barska are about a month old.

    I wanted feed back from you on Barska or any other inexpensive optics. Seems like Barska is still rcomended here. Like I said maybe I just got a lemon.

    As I need another one by Sunday, thats the day my group goes to the range, it looks like Ill try another Barska while this one makes the trip to be fixed.

    Thanks for your input.

    PS: Ill chalk the failure up to Global Warming and move on.
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  10. I had problems with a Barska Reflex,POS,listed as shock proof,but evidently not. They would cover it with their lifetime warrantee,but they wanted $15.00 to check it out and ship it back after repair,I ordered a brand called Sight Mark from Sportsmansguide.com,looked it over, and it looks a whole lot better made than the Barska!No more Barska for me!!! :evil:
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    I used to have a BSA 30mm red dot, but sold it to my buddy to mount on his paintball gun...I have an NCStar 4x30 scope on it for now, but just made a trade online for another BSA 30mm and that will be going on it once it arrives...

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    Yes, yes I have. I had one on my Cetme before I sold it and my best friend has one on his AK. They're decent enough scopes. Definitely not a Leupold, but I don't expect them to be for the money.

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    Just fired my 995 with a BSA RD30 for the first time... LOVED IT. Took me from 15 to 20 rounds to get it really sighted in though.
  14. UPDATE:

    I sent the Barska in for repair. At Wally World today I bought the BSA 30MM for $30.

    I actually like the smaller size as far as looks go.......


    I will have to see how it preforms at the range tomorrow