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This place has lots of optics of course, as well as all kinds of other stuff. Good prices and I always get free shipping on orders over $50. That usually means you can get an extra mag or something basically for like $3 more than what it would usually be with shipping.

I've bought a lot of stuff from these guys and have nary a complaint.
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Recently had a bad experience with them.
I ordered a 9mm laser boresite on their website. After several days I checked their website to see how it was progressing. Website said "Hold- expecting for stock".
I emailed customer service and learned that they won't have them in until at least July! Their website doesn't show "out of stock" when they don't have it. Neither do they email you.
I cancelled and bought it on Ebay from someone who actually HAD one.
They have pretty good prices on telescopes.
Im looking for a new telescope just shopping around.
I found 2 "hard to find" scope bases from them and told me they were back ordered. I never use online only. I talk to a rep before giving any credit info.

Both items shipped as promised with a tracking email.

Their pricing is very good, i saved about 25% vs MSRP and paid no shipping costs.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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