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  1. I wrote him and told him he was way overpriced. Nice, polite letter giving him a little education. Will see if he answers me back.

  2. Just before I purchased my C9 in March 06 I was browsing the local flea market and came across a table that had a used 995 on it. I looked at the gun and then caught a glimpse of the price tag... $350 FIRM! I ask the guy why so much for a HiPoint... He said it was a "Hard to Find Assualt Rifle" and the price was firm.

    Had to bust his bubble and told him that two local shops carry the same gun NIB for $149 (remember this was in early 06). All he could say was "well this one wont be registered". I walked on thinking some poor soul was gonna get riped BIG TIME.

  3. The local flea market here has a guy that has a gun table like that. Old beat up guns that you can buy NIB at wally world for half the price.

    I used to stop by his table just to see what he had layed out, but his attitude finally got to me and I quit even looking.
  4. That guy must have the super rare full automatic 995 :lol:
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    Someone will buy it. If it's there long enough it will sell, a fool and thier money are soon parted. I have made some stupid, crazy-expensive mistakes. Actually I would be the one who wanted a dime for every dollar I wasted so I could piss more away.

    I once sold a great looking Weatherby 300 mach 5 for $350 with a nice scope for college money! Or how about trading a stainless Star M45 .45 for a stereo that broke in a week? I once bought a cable box for nearly $200 that never worked well on eBay. I could go on for an hour and make you all feel real good by the adage "Well at least I didnt screw up like Griff did!!"
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    Maybe instead of the rare fully automatic version,,,,,,,,, it is actually the Ultra Super Rare fully Atomic version. Delivering a shot equal to the blast at Hiroshima with every pull of the trigger.