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  1. I know its off a Video game...but this is the type of stuff I could listen to. Moving in a sense.


    I have the song downloaded but theres a Youtube vid with the exact number. It paints a picture in your mind in a way...you just fill the silhouettes with your own minds images...

    Damn im getting all hippie on myself. lol Too much alkymahall too. ;)
  2. Oh yea, the orchestra music from the halo line is some good powerful stuff. Really like the Mad World by Gary Jules used in the commercial for Gears Of War.

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    You think THAT is moving...ever play "Bioshock"??

    It's a steampunk/atomic age themed game where you have to figure out a creepy mystery while shooting your way out of a "utopian" underwater city that looks like a plan right out of the "World of Tomorow" exhibits from the 30's.

    The strange part? As your attacked by monsters, atomic mutants and automated defence systems gone haywire, they're playing some of the most cheerful, upbeat but sorrowfull jazz, big band and lounge music that mixes original composers with Gene Kroopa, Glenn Miller and Rosemary Clooney.

    FREAKIN' Creepy!
  4. Yea, I read a big review in a pc mag some months ago, was a pretty cool looking game.
  5. god I love halo's music. I've got it dl'd.

    Totally different style, but "still alive" from portal rocks.

    And the themes to Team Fortress 2 pwn.
  6. I consider that kind of music as easy listening, great for when you are stressed or really tired and need to wind down and just let things calm down.

    I also like the song Mad World by Gary Jules, it has a good harmony that I can close my eyes to and kinda float if you know what I mean.

    I dont listen to music much anymore, it changed for me back when I gave up the pot smoking and drinking so many years ago, but there are still a few songs that I find moving.
  7. One of my favorite CD's is from Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun... When I bought my game it came with the soundtrack as a separate cd... I keep that thing in my truck and play it when I want to just ride and chill... Haven't played Halo, as I don't like Xbox... but I have heard the music and it's really relaxing... Good stuff.
  8. ^ another excellent game soundtrack.

    to relax I like to listen to norah jones. just a nice voice.
  9. I am not a big Country Music fan, but Allison Krause has a great voice too... Easy to listen to...

  10. What is this "country...music" you speak of?

    Seems like a kind of oxymoron to me...

  11. Country music will ruin good speakers, be careful what you play it though ;)
  12. Thanks for keeping it real NDS... I don't dislike Country, but I don't embrace it as a whole genre...
  13. ill listen to country. couldnt care less about what others think. Dont care for the "pop" country though. I like the old stuff, maybe some bluegrass. But to give you an idea, of maybe 350-400 songs on my PC there might be 50 that are country-ish.
  14. screw the NashVegas country music. It is trash.

    Give me HankIII, Shooter Jennings, Johnny Cash, and all their bretheren.
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    Homeworld came with a sound track and I love their music. (a tad bit on the eerie side but still good)
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    Same here: I grew up listening to that old country stuff with my parents. I stepped off the path, and started listening to '50s music on my own, grew to love it, then the Doors soon after..I was a sponge for good music, not that everyonen else liked, but what I liked. From there, Led Zeppelin, Scorpions....then get this: Tangerine Dream. Yeah, who woulda thunk?
    Point is, I like alot more music than music that I do not like. Gangsta rap, and this "new" country: negative on that last, ghostrider, pattern is full. I dont mean all of it is Shyte, but just cant get into it. Sunday nights in the Garage: Blues, from six till midnight. That also depends on my mood, as Paul Oakenfold is on at Ten till midnight.

    But hey: thats just me :)