Ordered 2 Hogue Handall Rubber Grips today

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by hitmanharleyk, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. I got it bad with this pistol stuff !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Purchased the .45 w/ammo on Wednesday.
    The C9 w/ammo on Friday.
    Bought a clam case for the 45 on Thursday.
    Got a Protech Holster for "the one it fits" on Friday.
    2 Hogue Slip on grips today.

    This will end up costing me more than my other hobby (golf) if I don't get control of it soon :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. Yeah, but as hobbies go, golf won't save the world. :D

  3. hpman

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    For the cost of some of the new drivers, you could get a couple Hps. : )

    I'd say you've been bitten by the bug.
  4. elguapo

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    Sounds like someone got "bit" by the bug....

    Congrats, and welcome aboard amigo!
  5. The hell with golf balls! Buy MORE ammo!
  6. I was bitten long ago. A friend was just over and was asking about taking a CHL class. He doesn't even own a gun. Told him to go to the range with us to try some of mine and find something he likes before he's buys one. Started pulling out guns from all there hiding places and he's like "how many guns you own?" and I say "including the one's the wife doesn't know about??"
    Plus I have a very big box of ammo!
  7. Thats great man!!!! Sound like some solid imprvements to me.

    I like to call Golf "Whack, S**T" Because when I play that is what you hear. Whack the balls takes off perfect, yes I finally hit the.......... S**T how does that darn thing turn when it was going strait!!!!!!!!!!!! I need a beer lol
  8. Here are Hogue grips on my .45...


  9. Ok I'm tryin to find some Hogue Slip on grips for 2 hi-points a 9mm and a 45. No site has the Hi-points listed. Where did you get it for your 45?
  10. frickinnutts,
    it's just as 8andsand described... it's a universal slip on. for the .45 it's the larger size. not sure 'bout the 9mm HP...
  11. Darnit Shadowlands, how do you take them great pics? I try to get closeups and they always look like hell
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    I wish they would make a magazine for the 40 and 45 that didn't have the extended plastic piece at the bottom. Something similar to the 9mm/.380 clip would be great.
  13. Silicon Wolverine

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    i always used the bike inner tube method. Cheaper and you can get 5-6 grips out of one 9.99 wal-mart tube.

  14. It's a dorky long story... involves a tripod, self timer, and a well lit room. Must kill the flast. The camera's flash will ruin the pics.
    But again... it's my hobby for I'm a total dork...
    My friends call me "Camera Geek".
  15. I kill the flash, I guess I need to work on a steady platform and better lighting. I take a lot of pics that I want to post here but they always blur or the light I put on them is too bright so I end up throwing them away.

    If you are a geek I guess I am too, I used to have a really nice camera back in the 35mm days, and the digital I have now is not a cheapo.

    I have a little stand make to take pics of coins, but the pistols and long guns wont fit on it :)
  16. waltham,
    I can't find a way to take a great photograph of a long rifle to save my life. They're a royal pain because they're so long and thin...
  17. GrOuNd_ZeRo

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    I love my snaps of my guns but they aren't nearly as crips as yours...

    I'll post an expanded version of my display pic to show off my hogue grips.
  18. I purchase the Hogue grips on Amazon on January 6, they sent me this email yesterday. What the heck ! I was in a gun store yesterday morning and I stopped by the Hogue rack and said, I have one of those any day now, I could have picked it up right then and there if I had known

    We are contacting you today about the following Amazon.com order, placed on
    06-Jan-2008 with OneClickShooting. Unfortunately, OneClickShooting has not confirmed
    the shipment of this order within the expected timeframe.

    Order ID: 104-2274425-5035457
    Merchant name: OneClickShooting
    Item(s) to ship:
    Name: Hogue Large Handall Rubber Sleeve Grip - 17000
    Qty: 2 ASIN/ISBN: B000H6DO7S

    Because this order has not been confirmed by the merchant yet, your credit card has
    not been charged, and we are not able to provide you with shipment details for the
    order. If you would like to ask OneClickShooting for more information about this
    order, including the expected ship date, you may contact the merchant directly by
    replying to this e-mail message.

    Thanks for shopping with us.

    Amazon.com Customer Service
  19. Ground Zero, your avatar photo is excellent.