Ordered a sear from Cobra

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by bluharley, Sep 19, 2014.

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    A while back I played gunsmith with my Cobra .32. I to shorten the trigger pull, so I ground the sear about a millimeter. Well, didn't do much for the trigger pull, but it did disable the safety....yea yea, I learned my lesson and didn't even shoot myself. So Sunday I ordered a new sear online, Cobra only takes orders for parts online. It's $17 + $9.43 shipping, and Monday PayPal paid the bill. I expected i by the end of the week. Yesterday I called them, and she said it had not been shipped yet! It went out today. To me, that is just too long to fulfill a small order like that. Besides that, less than 100rds thru it, and the ejector got loose and caused a nasty jam. I don't like Cobra, I'll never buy another.
  2. Yeah, my wife's Cobra shoots like a musket; just to see, we put it in a vice at the range and fired it ten yards from the target, and it was inches off the target. Thing is barely rifled.

  3. They aren't exactly known to be quality arms.
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    Got my sear today. I didn't take much off the old one at all, but apparently enough. Safety works now, so I won't mind trading it in for something better!