Ordered My Fobus! And Got It!!!!!!!

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  1. Ordered a Fobus holster for my SW9VE last night!

    Had a promotional code for 20% (FBSDEK) woo hoo can't wait, under 20 bucks shipped :D

    I know its an HK in the pic but its a multi app. holster cause of the front end of the HK's and VE's are almost identical, they have that square accessory rail...
  2. Ari

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    Congrats you will like it

  3. i have one for my 40VE and i love it
  4. I just got it in the mail and its everything I expected. The fit is wicked and the retention is great. I did want to know for those that own a Fobus for either the SW9VE or other firearms, when the pistol is in the holster does the trigger guard area spread a little? I called Fobus and the service rep said that was normal. So I was curious what the HPFF members had to say.
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    Cool deal. I'm getting one for my wife's Walther P22 and one for my C9.
  6. Got a link to where you ordered it from? I need one for my SW9VE.
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    ... or order it from a 3rd party and pay less than wholesale direct from Fobus. (I don't know how that works out, but it did for me.)
  8. I have Fobus Paddle holsters for my S&W 9VE, Bersa Thunder 380 and Bulgarian Makarov, also used one for the Taurus PT111 M-Pro 9mm. Basically you can say I am hooked on Fobus Paddle holsters!


    The holster will spread a little as the pistol is being inserted into the holster, this is what allows the holster to grip the gun and hold it securely. I use all my Fobus paddle holsters for primary CC and never had a problem.

    I CC the 9VE with the Fobus paddle and wear a slightly large cover shirt and get very little printing. In my state, SC, printing is a non-issue, so check your state Concealed Carry laws concerning weapon printing. Some states require zero print when it comes to legal CC, other states, like mine, do not care if it prints or not so long as the actual firearm is concealed by a cover garment.