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  1. I ordered a 2 cavity 124gr TC mold in 9mm from midsouth tonight. I'm a bit short on cash, so I only ended up buying one mold. I poured up 30lbs in ingots last weekend, so once my molds get here I'll be casting away. Now I just need to spend a few weeks in my basement prepping all my 9mm brass on a single stage press...
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    Congrats... I too am waiting on reloading gear.

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    I am getting the lee factory crimp die and collet die and case trimmer for 223. I have cases waiting LOL. I want to shoot the new AR but I have to reload some ammo first (I only have 20 rounds through the gun.) It is driving me nuts weather is 80 and really really nice (first day like it so far) So I understand his waiting. :D
  4. You may run into feeding issues if you just neck-size for an AR. Bolt actions are really the only guns suitable for neck sizing from everything that I have read. Also, with the case trimmer, always use a cordless drill with it. I thought it was a waste of time initially... I was DEAD wrong.