Ordered New CF380 w/ Comp

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by bradrob, Feb 11, 2015.

  1. bradrob

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    I'm so happy with my C9 I went ahead and ordered a new CF380 with compensator from CTD. It was $129 w/ $10 shipping, and comes with an 8 round and 10 round mag. Now I just need to find ammo! I'll post pics and range reports when it arrives.
  2. cicpup

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    A little something I do to make my life easier. Since the c-9/cf-380 mags tend to need a bit of tweaking to run great, I tune my 8 rounders for .380 and my 10 rounders for 9mm. That way range days remain fun instead of frustrating. Just a tip.

  3. IMO the C9 needs the compensator more than the CF380. We have the latter, and it already has the recoil of a 22lr. Just puzzles the heck out of me. If anything all handgun models should be offered with it.
  4. yea I never under stood why they stopped the c9 comp and keep making the c380 comp.. it should have been the other way around! and I also agree that the larger cal models need it more! but it may have been a ATF thing..
  5. mellon

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    Did they stop making the C9 comp? Ive only seen 380s
  6. if I recall they stopped making the C9 comp in 2006
  7. bradrob

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    So are the mags identical/interchangeable?
  8. cicpup

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    Sure are..
  9. bradrob

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    I hope it has the recoil of a 22lr! One of the reasons I bought it was because the wife said she wants to learn to shoot. I thought the C9 might be a little too much for her right off the bat.
  10. bradrob

    bradrob Brob62 Member

    Good to know...thanks!
  11. I could be wrong, another member is trying to claim that out of the same gun a heavier bullet has less recoil than lighter. So the CF380 would need a comp more than the C9.:rolleyes:
  12. TopGas

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    That statement doesn't make sense to me and flies in the face of what I "think I know" and have experienced. (not that it means much:eek:)
    The C-9 and the CF-380 are essentially the same gun. I'm not sure if the slides are the same weight but I'm thinkin' they're close. I believe that the springs are stiffer in the C-9.
    The recoil of my CF-380 with a 95 gr bullet is definitely less than that of my C-9 with a 125 gr bullet.
    I would say that the felt recoil of the CF-380 isn't the same as a .22 LR but it's a lot closer than that of a C-9.
    Hopefully, someone will post the "science" on this one.;)
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  13. Dave4903

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    What parts of the mag do you tune differently for the c9 vs. cf380?
  14. I agree with you, our CF380 has very very mild recoil. I was just being a smart a$$. There are few that claim heavier bullets mean less recoil. I have found that true IF ONE HANDLOADS.

    But at a general rule, the more weight and power means more recoil. I am baffled that HP does not offer compensator on all their handgun models. It would certainly make sense.