Organization of a modern militia

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  1. It's time that we had a thread about how to organize a modern state militia. There are many ways that it can be done.

    To organize the militia as is was done in the 1700 & 1800's wouldn't be the way to do it things now. Times and needs have changed.

    Most of the heavy transportation equipment in the US is privately owned. Plus in this state the #1 desired equipment that the NG has been providing for emr use has been(or is being taken away) and being returned to the full time US Army because of a $ shortage.

    The other organizations should be put made into the special units of the militia. Much like is done in the Scandinavian militia type of organizations.

    One kwik example here is that a sub group of the ham radio clubs are now in charge of and handle emergency communications. There is no legitimate reason that they couldn't be a special unit of the militia. If they desire to be self armed they could be. If they didn't want to provide for their own security and the need for it arose the general militia could provide it.

    Plus who better to provide training, advice, etc in the area of non-physical communications then the ham radio clubs.

    Another example is the Red Cross. While it can't be made part of the militia, it should still be a part of any plan for the militia in both the training it can provide and the support it currently give during emergencies.
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    Couple local groups in MO that I'm going to look into.

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    It is pretty simple to integrate ham radio operators into emergency plans, given the fact that they already maintain a high level of proficiency and typically seem to have the best equipment for a hobby that requires a certain amount of passion. Trying to integrate the owners of heavy equipment or transport assets into a plan could be a bit more challenging.

    For larger companies, their hired drivers and equipment operators would probably have to be paid to participate in any emergency responses, and there would have to be a formalized procedure to ensure that they are willing to remain ready to assist when needed. Perhaps designating the specialized logistical support organization as a non-profit group would be a good way to incentivize the participation of companies and individual owners.

    Some sort of formalized and routine mustering procedure, with equipment being made ready for inspection, would be a good way to keep participants engaged and establish a habitual set of procedures for their call to service if ever needed. Because time is money for the volunteers, their participation in the musters could be considered tax deductible, encouraging regular participation.

    Finally, equipment owners would need to have the terms of their volunteer agreements on hand with the state's highest public safety authority so that state officials would be able to predict what sort of auxiliary assets they could potentially draw upon in different kinds of emergencies.
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    You forgot the "Ajole Method". Hand everyone in town a firearm from your personal stash.
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  11. That is equipping the militia. Not organizing it.
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  13. One 1st has to decide what heavy equipment or transport assets might be needed for likely situations. Then one could plan for what might be needed.

    While this may not apply to you, we have to keep in mind that the militia is just for the emergency and not for the full restoration of an area.

    Like if there is an ice storm, lines down & elec power out - the militia isn't going to restore the elec or fix the power line. The militia would just ensure that people aren't freezing, etc.

    Personally I don't ever remember the NG ever hauling anything for a state emergency. around here, but???? I do remember a regional grocery chain use their trucks to haul items for free.

    Much of what you state in the rest of your post has been done in the past, but I'm using a different computer tonite than the one that has that information on.
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