Other Hobbies?....I like my projectiles.

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  1. TnShooter83

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    Been pickin' these for a few years now.
    All Found/Dug by me, and NEVER bought.






  2. `Justin

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    Nice collection man i like the arrowheads :p

  3. Weightlifting or ''trying'' to bodybuild.
  4. squeak_D

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    Wow, nice collection. I too like the arrowheads :) A few years ago I found an arrowhead, and what made it so neat was the history of the area. I was a Student at West Virginia State University at the time. The area where the school was located was home to the Shawnee Tribe. There was a park/golfcourse next door to the school called Shawnee Park, and the remains of several burial mounds were part of the park.

    This park touched borders with the Universities property, and at one time the campus was home to the Shawnee Tribe as well. One day while sitting on a bench with (my now wife, girlfriend at the time), I looked down and in plain sight was a beautiful arrowhead just laying there in the grass and dirt. It just got me thinking on how long that arrowhead had probably remained in that spot over several hundred years, and the thousands of people that had walked past it every day on their way to class, and I was the person lucky enough to find it :)

  5. shelbyzman

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    Nice collection! My hobbies other than target practice are playing music and dirt biking.
  6. squeak_D

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    Oops forgot to mention my other hobbies :)

    1. Im a musician (used to play for a living)
    Piano/Keyboards-27 years
    Guitar/Bass-16 years
    Drums-20 years
    I still write music, and have a small recording setup in my playroom.

    2. I collect antiques (had a love for them since I was a child)

    3. Model Railroad-just something about trains ya know :)

    4. I also like to draw.

  7. neothespian

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    -Restoring vintage Vespa and Lambretta motorscooters

    -My job, which I'm lucky to say is ALSO my hobby...theater

    -Open source technology such as Linux intergration, renewable energy and the like. Been busy trying to construct a solar array on the current house, but every time the weather is prefect to renew constrution, we get another foot of f'ing snow!!!!
  8. I envy you guys that can go to local places and find stuff like that. I have lived in Oklahoma most all of my life and have never found an arrowhead.

    Lots of small fossils but thats about it.

    I collect guns and coins. Currently I collect 2000 (+ or-) year old Roman and Greek coins, a very interesting hobby.
  9. doktor

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    Motorcycling 07 Goldwing
    Amateur Radio

    Miniature Cannons
    I really like things that go BOOOOOOOOOMMM

  10. Here is a hobby I need to get back into:


    RC trucks, gas and electric, 4X4 and 2WD off road.
  11. unclerob

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  12. Got some really nice pictures in there Lakota.
    My hobbies are kayaking, fishing and playing softball.
  13. Thats one of my other hobbies as well.

    I get into hobby kicks.

    One year its RC cars, the next its MAME (old video game emulations, one of these days I will build a real mame cabinet), the next its guns, and then its computers, and so on.

    I never sell my hobbies, I just rotate them.
  14. My projectiles

    are a little different .
    yes these really do fly
  15. squeak_D

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    Holy Crap! What do you use to send the big one up? Just add a computer guided system, some dyno and you got yourself a poorman's bunker buster.
  16. :shock:

    Dude, those rockets are awesome! Got any video of a launch?
  17. :shock: I'm thinking you didn't by those rockets at Hobby Lobby, huh?


    Very fine work! Are you a sutler at events?