Discussion in 'Lounge' started by pills, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. pills

    pills Guest

    excuse the typing for a while. i shot a 16 penny nail in my hand. no bone damage but possible nerve injury. no capital letters for a while.
  2. andrew241

    andrew241 Member

    ok how did you manage that lol.

  3. Yikes! And, as andrew said, how did that happen? Was there no pressure safety on the nail gun?

    Good luck on recovery, and having no caps is much easier on everyone else than having no lower case :D
  4. pills

    pills Guest

    nail blew threw the board i was holding. i was framing a wall and it blew threw the top rail and skimmed the stud and went 1.5 inches in. didnt break bone. possible nerve damage though. tingling in elbow. cant move thumb well. limited index.

    oxycodene makes things fuzzy.
  5. ouch get better soon :cry:

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    Yes please get better soon. That hurts!!
  7. Hope you feel better soon Pills... don't forget to take your pills either.... Get well soon!
  8. elguapo

    elguapo Guest

    Dang: I remember stabbing myself in the hand with a screwdriver. Sure is dark inside the human hand...
  9. Nerve damage sucks......Hope you get to feeling better.
  10. GlockMan

    GlockMan Member

    Not to sound insensitive but did you take any pic's?
    Hope you feel better.
  11. Mike_AZ

    Mike_AZ U.S.S. Member

    Ohhh, that sux. that nail gun didn't happen to be an XD did it? :lol:
  12. Thayldt21

    Thayldt21 Senior Member Member

    Holey crap I was thinkin the same thing.

    Last guy that got shot in his hand had the common curtesy to post picks.


    Man Pills I'm sorry dude. That will be unfun for soe time to come.
    Well at least pills has Pills to take for the pain. 8)
  13. Maverick

    Maverick Guest

    LMAO! Dang Guys... With friends like this, who needs enemy's... :lol:

    Hey pills... If you don't have a pic with the nail in your hand. Could you shoot yourself again and take pics with the nail in it this time? j/k

    Seriously, I hope you get to feeling better soon.
  14. pills

    pills Guest

    no pics. jerks. wasnt thhinking of your amusement when the nail was on the nerve. :p
  15. pills

    pills Guest

    craftsman nail gun btw
  16. Maverick

    Maverick Guest

    Well that was kind of selfish don't ya think??? :?
    (I'm kidding, I'm kidding)
  17. pills

    pills Guest

    want a pic of the nail and the hole?
  18. Maverick

    Maverick Guest

    Me? Not really... I'm kind of squeamish. That would make me all woosie.
  19. billybybose

    billybybose Guest

    The mods should put this as a stickey in the welcome thread so dudes could see what they're in for. :lol:Oh those guys at hpff are so nice and helpful.Yeah untill you put a freakin NAIL thru your HAND.I for one will take the high road and say hang in there pillsand I hope your not out of work too long.(what about just a pic of just the bloody nail :oops: )