Our new N.A.T.O. gun control laws

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    This is a WIKI about gun laws across the globe.
    How it relates to us as Americans as we become part of the W.H.O. and N.A.T.O. regulated country, more regulated by the U.N. and policed by N.A.T.O. the origin started pre 9/11 but both Clinton and Bush postponed and Obama apparently got it going again with much resistance.
    BTW.. hilary clinton is going to be our new president and hand us over into a national catastrophy...on purpose according to DOD documents on wikileaks before the NSA envoked internet censoring to all search engines..
    Enough conspiracy fun...


    But.... this is a general goal, step by step. Then.... case laws will solidify to absolution of absolute gun control..
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    The tree will get watered.....


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    Roger that!...
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    NE Utah
    Well...it's grass and bushes out here.

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    old data. Putin changed Russian gun laws for the better, because he loves his country and trusts its people.
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    The Constitution "TRUMPS" Everything.
    We already HAVE the guns and ammo,
    laws and treaties don't mean sh!t... ;)

    Short of a suicidal, rapid confiscation effort,
    "Frog in a pan of slow boiling water" is their
    best tactic, and everything old Numb-NutZ is
    doing has just been fuel to the fire :rofl:

    It is IMPERATIVE that we teach our kids, grandkids,
    neighbors kids, so on and so forth, that our 2A RIGHTS
    are basically the Most Important Rights and Responsibilities
    that we must safeguard.

    Note this "disputed" Thomas Jefferson quote:

    (Abraham Lincoln told me he said it :p)
  7. Let's make sure Hillary IS NOT the next President!!! VOTE!!!:mad:
  8. So I actually did that when I was a kid...yeah, the frog actually knows. As soon as the flame came on, that thing started freaking out. Didn't get to lukewarm before it decided, "F*** this noise," and blasted his hoppy ass out of the pot. Didn't die, but made a Hell of a mess when I tried to catch him.

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    So where does NATO come into play? Thanks for the link. I was doing some research on my own and really need to see what gun laws are in Mexico. I used to work with a Mexican that kept bugging me to sell him a truck that had dual tanks. He mentioned being able to smuggle guns in one tank back to Mexico. There was no way I was going to sell him that truck in the first place, let alone after that conversation.
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    I've had the same conversation before also. No way Jose! :foilhat:

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    Bigazz PDF to read with this. bArry and kErry signed this accord without the approval of the senate because they don't give a damn about the constitution. I will be reading it hopefully by tonight.

  14. Actually heads of state can sign it no problem . In fact, they have to in order to get it sent to the Senate in the first place. Perfectly Constitutional.
  15. 66 Senators then have to vote to approve what ever treaty the President brings to them for it to be of effect.
  16. Exactly.
    What we are now are signatories.
    Signatories to treaties are not necessarily subject to its rules. Only when it's ratified does the U.S. consider it law (there's also the matter of executive agreements vs. ratification of treaties, but in this case, the argument is the same).
    Additionally, under Reid v. Covert, any treaty rule that conflicts with the Constitution is null and void under U.S. law.
    So even if the ATT said, "Nobody is allowed to own firearms," even if we ratified the treaty, it would not be valid under U.S. law.

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    That is why they are already implementing UN affordable housing rules in CA, Nashville etc. bOb cOrker the scuzzbag from TN brought you the Iran treaty, and that TP trade deal. We have some of the worst rInos in TN, Lamar, Haslam etc...........
  18. Apart from that random unrelated tangent you went on, what about it is unconstitutional?
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    You're gonna lose this argument TNT.....;)

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    WTF is unrelated with oBarry forcing states to do UN 2030 zoning with his pen? BTW the 2A is infringed everyday by by every state. What's to stop pOTus from doing an end run?

    You are a know it all that loves to troll.