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  1. Once upon a time we had a pets post where we had pics of all of our animals so I thought since my zoo is ever growing I'd post some of my farm and see what everyone else has.

    The Wife, me and the dogs

    Oldest and Youngest

    Just weird...

    Bearded Dragons:

    And their home

    Tangerine Leopard Gecko:

    More Leopard Geckos:

    Even More Leopard Geckos, babies:

    And of course the newest addition, sugar gliders which were an early christmas gift to the wife. These are net pics, as I havn't photographed mine yet.
  2. Oh and we have a Siamese cat too but I can't find a pic of her.

  3. Here's our dog Monkey:
    Here's my cat Caesar:

    He's very shy around cameras:
  4. Is that a box of ammo your cat is laying by?
  5. Seeing those pictures makes me miss Emily dude.... You should post the picture of the baby about to get eaten. That was hilarious.
  6. My pup abby when she was just a baby and we had just got her

    The ugly mutt at the lake

    Got a couple of rotten cats as well...to lazy to find pics at the moment.
  7. Cute man, very cute.

    Per Primal Request: "Baby, It's What's For Dinner"

    Not my baby (thankgod) so it's ok to laugh and say she's about to be eaten.
  8. LMAO!!! Baby, the other OTHER white meat!
  9. "Baby, The Cheaper White Meat"
  10. Thing is, look at the baby's face. She knows she's about to get it worse than Sigorney Weaver on Aliens....

    Don't cry honey, it only hurts for a few seconds.....

    God Almighty, I miss that damn dog. Em's cool as nuts bro, for real. Rather lick you than look at you. Great animal.
  11. Nah, that was just an ugly baby. Poor kid has bulldog jowls.
  12. Brentt is lauging so hard he can barely breathe, you guys need to lay off some...

    Mrs. PrimalSeal

    Edited for Spelling my PrimalSeal... The ole lady would be hacked off to see you misspell her name! :oops:

  14. lmao son of a b****!!! :lol: :lol: your crazy dude :lol:

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    I just got done puppysitting with four [4] Sharpies [my superviser went out of town for the weekend] Nice little critters
  16. Taurus, those sugar gliders are some cool looking little animals :)
  17. Oh yea they are. They really get crazy when they think no one is watching. I set up a nightvision camera in there and at night on commercials I switch the TV over to input and we watch those crazies go nuts in their cage.
  18. Ready to go cruisin'.

  19. Ari

    Ari Guest

    Here is my fox terrier at 5 months old

  20. Here's a pic of our Poms. The three larger ones are CKC and the two smaller ones are AKC's.

    To see more of our Pom pics check out the wife's web site... http://www.isleofpoms.com