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  1. Someone offered me some cash for my 03A3 at the range the other day, and I really couldn't pass it up. So after much deliberation I decided on the cheapest '06 I could find as another dedicated lead slinger. I happened upon a lightly used Remington 710 in a local shop, and it followed me home. I had no idea the history of the 710, and was a bit spooked by the terrible reviews I read compared to the Mossy ATR-100 that I had thought about buying instead.

    The bore of the 03A3 is around .311" so I could shoot my boolits unsized in it. This i the traditional .308" bore, so they need to be sized. While I wit for my sizer to come I picked up a box of 130gr Speer HPs to play with. The gun holds MOA without any load development, just 20 I loaded up to sight in with. I'm very anxious to see if it can replicate that performance with cast.

    Here it is. I swore off plastic guns, but I couldn't get a decent '06 in wood locally, so ths is what I settled on. I gave it the Krylon treatment, since I thought the grey stock was absolutely horrifying.


    The detachable box mag seems very practical for a predator rig where I'll be moving from stand to stand frequently, allowing me to just drop the mag instead of pumping 4 rounds out every time I want to move to another stand. The stock is also a lot stiffer than the 700 I had in .223. Besides a brutally stiff bolt, which I'll be addressing in the distant future the gun seems to be everything but what the reviews made it out to be.
  2. That is about the cheapest 06 you can get now a days. My brother bought one and he got a total lemon. He sent it back to the factory and it cost him 65 bucks... negating some of the cost savings... took them about 4 weeks to get it back to him but at least they refunded his shipping.

    He says it shoot great now.

  3. If I tried REALLY hard I can probably put a round from that rifle through the sign on Remington Arms' factory roof. If I ever have a problem with a remington product, they can;t screw me on shipping.
  4. I have a 710 and absolutely love it. I'll use this as an opportunity for a picture of my porn. I'm thinking of painting mine olive drab, what do you think?
  5. I generally hate solid colored tupperware stocks. Do a camo job on it... What I have yet to see is a good digital or tiger striped urban pattern. Krylon Fusion is God's gift to gun bubbas...