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    Hello All!

    I know its been awhile since I've posted but I had not been running any of my Hi-Points in competition. I had not been making any USPSA shoots and the IDPA shoots I was strictly using my Glock 17.

    That all changed a few months back when I was discussing a PCC only match at the shooting club I go to in Bridgeville, Delaware. Long and short, there was plenty of support and I became the Match Director for it :). In doing so I created 6 stages of various fun, many that were over 20 rounds and one that was 30 shots exactly and another that was 35 shots.

    Originally almost 25 people were signed up but the weather report was looking really wet. Yet, I've learned from past experience to go shoot no matter what because the rain gave us a break and we had a pretty dry match (except the ground) and 16 competitors showed up and they were glad they did as it was a straight up blast.

    So what is an outlaw match? Its basically a match that is not sanctioned by USPSA or IDPA and this allows shooting scenarios, as long as they are safe, to be created outside the traditional platform.

    I ended up placing 7th out of 16, which is pretty good considering the competitors who showed up and I haven't practiced in months LOL! Last time I shot the 995TS was in July and that was a family shoot for fun and most of my family members used it, not me.

    Here are the scores:


    Stage one I am most proud as I came in second overall on it and I would have placed first had I not skipped a round off a plastic 55 gallon drum and hit a 'no-shoot'. Ricocheted that round right into the no-shoots head! That was the 35 shot scenario where I engaged the first 3 targets with 5 shots each, dumped my mag with a reload on the move and engaged the last 4 targets in different spots with 5 shots each running dry on the last target. I knew I was rolling.

    So the Hi-Point represented well. I have a little over 2000 rounds through it now (I keep a journal) and I have learned a thing or two on keeping it reliable for competition use.

    1. Keep it clean-After 300 rounds I pull it completely apart and clean and re-lube the whole rifle and this thing needs very little lube. It seems if I run past that amount of rounds I will get Fail to Feeds. That helps kill your score. In static shooting Ive gone 400 rounds before issues show up and each shoot is about 150 rounds so after the second shoot its getting cleaned.

    2.RedBall Mags-After EVERY shoot they get broken down and cleaned and I DO NOT lube them. I can't as the range is very sandy and you drop mags in that all the time. The other issue is being a blowback design they get freaking dirty fast. I scrub them out with Balistol and a skinny little brush then degrease in a soap and water bath, then blow dry with my air compressor. So far works really well and doesn't take all damn day.

    3. Ammo selection-I haven't tried everything out there but the ONLY ammo Ive found so far that gives me no issues is the Federal Champion 115 grain 9mm in the 100 round packs from War-Mart. The 995TS love that ammo. Accurate as hell and no issues. This really is a magazine/ rifle mix. The only 10 round magazine I have it will shoot the 3-4 brands Ive tried, but the RedBall mags change something. Sadly, now that War-Mart isn't carrying the Federal I either need to find an online supplier or going to have to experiment. I'm still sitting on some Federal but I also have 300 rounds of Wolf steel case, which some HP owners have said runs 100 percent reliable vs. brass in their guns.

    4. Accuracy-not an issue, shoots as well as the high end PCC's.

    I report all that in case any of you run your carbine in a local match. It will do it and do it well. Also, practice your reloads! You only have 20 rounds and they go fast LOL!

    Not sure when I'll run the 995TS again but just wanted to check in and give a quick update and some range findings.


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    I got a kick out of a shooter in Key Largo that was running a Wilson Combat. It jammed a bunch. After he was done I asked him some questions about it and he had no clue what I was talking about. He did have all the cool looking shirts etc.............. :rolleyes:

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    Thanks for sharing all the info. What sights are you using for matches? What kind of setup for carrying mags? Post some pics if you can of the setup and if you got any action shots.
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    cowboy, I’m using a cheap Bushnell 3X44 red dot and a 1980s surplus H&K MP5 mag pouch that my belt loops through. It holds two red ball mags and I carry another to the shooting line so I have 60 rounds.

    Got the mag pouch for like 18 bucks on eBay. The guy is still selling them. Great for competition the way they fit part way into the pouch.

    no action shots of me sadly.

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    Cool, I'll look for those. I wad looking at single stack 1911 mag pouches for the 10 round mags online, I keep looking in the used bin at the one shop near me but no luck so far.
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