over accessorized 995

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by DHumps, Jun 4, 2008.

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    Sorry if this has been posted on here before. I Found it while looking for some configurations for my 995. All I think it is missing is a bayonet, grenade launcher, and a flux capacitor.

  2. The laser and light setup would work well as a compensator and it attaches to the compensator. That setup is retarded though.

  3. It doesn't really have too many they just aren't setup right. It looks dumb with all those things hanging from it. If some rails had been added to the stock to hang some of that stuff on it wouldn't be as bad.
  4. They make flux capacitors for these things? That is fricking sweet!
  5. I totally agree with 8andsand. Set it up more ergonomically, and you've got a nice looking gun.
  6. DHumps

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    Yeah just get it to 85 mph and BAM!!!

    Also like everyone else said it is a kind of weird set up. I would like to have a light on the side of mine. I found a side rail for one once but I can't find it again. If you know of a place P.M. me the address.
  7. It needs a cupholder and ashtray.
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    i wonder how many mpg's it gets
  9. is that a hi def or blue ray dvd player on that thing?
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  11. Needs more cowbell!!!
  12. Ari

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    It looks like a magnet flying over a scrap yard :wink:

  13. LMAO!!!!!!!! Bushman, you are HILARIOUS!