Over/Under v.s. Pump Action.

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    I recently won a PS3 bundle kit that includes the PS3 40gb, 2 wireless controllers, Blue Ray Remote, and F1 Championship Racing. As fun and cool as it was to win the bundle I am not a huge gamer anymore and still want a shotgun to go with the rest of my firearms. So I have thought about selling the bundle NIB and buying a shotgun.

    I have been looking several different ones and thought I found the one I wanted. However I am also leaning strongly towards an over/under but not sure to be honest.

    What are the pro's and con's of an over/under other than capacity/speed? They are the only two things I can think of that you give up with an over/under.

    What I like about the over/under is the elegance, they tend to be a lot nicer than a pump action.

    I found one that I really like the look of and it is in my price range.


    So anyone have any experience with over/unders? Tips and advice wanted.
  2. pjm204

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    The stoeger condor competition is a nice O/u that is relatively inexpensive.

  3. Only O/U Ive shot was nice. I have no clue what it was but it was chambered in 24 gague. (yes 24 not 28) It was some Euro import. As for a pump I own one and I love it.
    To be honest it depends on what you are going to do with it. If its a strictly hunting and skeet gun you wouldnt have a problem with either one. If you are looking mainly for defense gun go with a pump hands down.
  4. AndrewST

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    I have my 995 for HD right now, however I plan on picking up a Mossberg 500/Maverick 88 for HD as they are shorter and look nice.

    I will go check out the stoeger, anyone know anything about ADCO?
  5. I look at the over-unders as gentleman's shotguns (elegance is a good word) and the pumps as the workingman's guns.

    I have a pump and my Saiga 12. I don't hunt so I probably won't get a overunder.

    I am thinking about a SxS though (side by side) for cowboy action to go along with my Winchester 97 pump.
  6. 47_MasoN_47

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    I don't think I'd want an O/U for HD purposes, but they are definitely nice to look at if you want a collectors type item that you might use for occasional hunting or something. For HD a pump would be better IMO.
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    In my opinion, it depends on what you want the shotgun for.

    As you stated there is the obvious advantage of round capacity for the pump, which in my opinion would make it better for self defense, and hunting game where you may need several shots.

    The O/U however, is a more "classy" firearm for lack of a better term. While it would'nt be great for home defense, they make great shotguns for skeet and hunting fowl. I prefer an O/U for those activities because the ability to utilize different chokes allows for a modified choke for close targets and an open choke to help with targets that are rapidly traveling away from you.

    I have been shopping around for an o/u to replace my skeet gun, and I honestly havent found one out there that seems to be a better value than the mossberg silver reserve series.
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    an o/u really is a gentleman's weapon, usually used for sport shooting. i've never known anybody to even take one hunting. they tend to be more expensive, higher quality, and fancier. a pump is all about function over form.
  9. I used to take my Dad's O/U dove and squirrel hunting all the time. He bought it years ago, back in the 70's or early 80's, and he paid over $600.00 for it then. It was one of the smoothest shooting shotties I've ever fired, and was great for hunting. If you practice enough, you can get fast on the reload, crack the barrel the 2 spent shells come flying out, insert 2 fresh ones, snap her shut and keep blazing. A slight disadvantage to a pump is you will eventually run out of rounds and it takes longer to load 7 rounds than it does to load 2.

    I would personally recommend that you go to the shop and try some of them out. Hell, go to a skeet range and tell them you want to test fire a few guns to see what you like best, and that you're looking at buying a shottie. Try 'em all, auto loader, pump and O/U, that way you get an idea of what they are all about, how they feel, the felt recoil of one versus another, etc.
  10. pumps may be more "efficient" i guess....but i have always liked the over/under. like the previous poster stated, the over/under was always considered the gentlemans shotgun. either way, i hope you enjoy your new shotgun!
  11. AndrewST

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    Well this isn't my first shotgun. I currently have an old Mossberg in 16ga that is around 35 years old. I have hunted a lot of birds with pump shotguns and I am fine with them. The main purpose would be small game hunting such as rabbit, bird, squirrel.

    I have been searching and searching and just can't seem to find an O/U in my price range that doesn't seem to have issues.

    I looked further into the Mossberg Silver Reserve and it turns out they aren't made by Mossberg. They are made by a manufacturer from outside the states and imported in.

    From the research I looked at, which was a pretty fair amount, they all seem to have issues with double firing, the firing pin not resetting, and durability.

    The majority of people, owners included, say that it is an alright O/U but a couple hundred dollars more can get you much better. Unfortunately that puts a nice O/U outside my price range currently.

    Now the good news is that I contacted the local pawn shop/dealer that I have done business with in the past. Turns out the girl that handles the firearms put me on the list of people looking for a specific Winchester that is due out, soon I hope. I am in spot 1 on that list and she said as soon as it comes in she will call me first. Not only that but it is the same shop that sells their firearms at $20 over cost. So it should be just over $300 NIB.

    So I hope it arrives soon, I am really really wanting it.


    So for now the O/U is going to have to wait. I will purchase a really nice one at a later point in time. As I do want one for bird hunting, but also the elegant look of it.
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    o/u are the best for a fast follow up shots, the second shot is much faster then a pump can dream of and even faster then a auto (depending on the trigger setup) and no moving parts helps keep the gun on target making an o/u great for clays and hunting where that follow up shot really counts i have seen some guys able to hit 4 clays at one station with a o/u with a fast reload. the pump has more capacity but check your laws to use it for hunting i know here in CO. you can have one in the chamber and the mag must be "plugged/blocked" to hold no more then two rds so you can only have a max of 3 rds any way.
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    Oregon has the same 3rd law. In order to use a shotgun for any bird you need to have a plug restricting the capacity.
  14. bobm

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    I have all 3, the O/U is a Stoeger Condor 26", the Semi is A Franchi I-12 in 28", and the Pump is a Remmy 870 in 28". I prefer the O/U for trap and Skeet, and the Semi for Sporting clays and the Pump is just a work horse. It can do a lot of different roles but is best for defence/offense situations, or field hunting.
    But this is only my opinion, and how I utilize them.
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    This thread needs more SPAS...

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    O/U = clay pigeon killer. The extra weight is nice for follow through in trap, and they are a must if you're gonna shoot doubles in skeet. A pump is just too slow and cumbersome for it.

    BTW, for plenty of laughs, take an 18" riot gun with no choke to trap league one night. P)
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    Well I have decided I am going to buy the 870 Wingmaster instead of the Express, a bit better fit and finish. I contacted the dealer I do business with and for a brand new one it is going to be right about $600. It is a little more than what I was wanting to spend on a new shotgun but I was willing to do it. After speaking with the shop I started checking out things on line and found at auctionarms. a number of used 870 Wingmasters in fantastic shape for under $300.

    I am looking for one in 12ga 26" barrel, and I seen a few. So I am gonna sell that PS3 bundle kit and just buy a nicely used one to save the money.