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    I took the kids to a gun show this afternoon (C & E show in Dulles Convention Center), looking for a C9. The first vendor I found that had some HPs, didnt have a C9, but had some 40s and 45s. He said he brought a dozen C9s to the show, and they were all sold on Friday!!! The show is open 3-8 on Friday, so it looks like the HP is quickly gaining in popularity considering how quickly they were sold.

    Anyway, while I was standing there looking at the 40 and 45, some goober came up and tried to strike up a derating conversation about the HPs to the dealer. He said something like "you get what you pay for", usual gun snob BS. The dealer basically told him not really, if you want a good range gun or a good plinker, they're a great gun for the money.

    Of course, I already knew that. :wink: BTW, I was able to find a C9, I'll post it up later. I got my C9, my oldest bought a small Samurai sword, and I picked up a pocket knife for my youngest's upcoming BD. Now just gotta sneak them past momma. :lol:
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    just tell her they where door prizes and you where the 100th person through the door.

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    Dont you love it when goobers actually come up to you?
    Its refreshing, and saves time, gas, and everything else to basically state your point (har, pun). I know several routes the will go: I "Heard"....blah blabh blah.. or, "My Friend had one" blah blah blah, or "I owned one, and it jammed jammed jammed ALL THE TIME"...

    You get the gist of where I am going. I wont even go to talk about other firearms, and their deficeinces .

    BTW: congrats on the C9!
  4. At the each of the last two gun shows, I made a comment to someone buying a C9 about how good they were. Both gentlemen were looking more at the price than anything else but after I told them about my experience and my son's experience with a C9, they talked like they were really looking forward to firing them. They both thought they were just good to have for an extra gun but not something to shoot a lot.

    I did warn them that they should give the C9's at least 300 rounds for break-in and store the mags loaded for a couple of weeks.

    I also told them that besides extra mags the only thing you might want to buy is a Hogue grip.

    And lastly, I told them about the forum.

    I am starting to feel like a "Hi-Point Evangelist".
  5. sbroomheadsr you that man.

    I have told several about my experience with the Hi-Point pistols. I have the C9, of course, and my son has the 40. My best friend has the 45 and I have shot his and my son's pistols. They shoot great!! Yea, sometimes you might have FTF, but you got to get them broke in and maybe just maybe have to adjust the lips on the mags. But other than that there is no real issues to make them not a good gun!
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    I can't help but talk possitive about Hi-Point, I hated them at first because I thought they were so ugly, but now I like them alot.

    The looks really do grow on you and I always thought the 995 was cool looking anyway.
  7. Good work!! I am a member at a police officer forum where of course they all love Glocks!! My first day at the forum I wrote up a review about the JCP 40 and posted it. Let's see how many friends I make over there!!! I of course tucked my pitch in for this forum :wink:
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    Like several have said in other threads, I would put my HP up against any other gun at the range. Mine is as dependable as theirs and the bullet hits the target everytime.
  9. At the TCP class, one student had a new Ruger 9mm that had at least 1 FTF with each mag of six rounds. Another student had a new S&W .40 that FTF'd a couple of times.

    To be fair though, the Ruger owner may have been limp-wristing because the gun would go up to almost vertical on each shot.

    The two C9's out shot them both!
  10. I never hated them but did think they were ugly, still do :D
    But they do kind of grow on you.
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    I had to ride all the way down to Harrisonburg to get my c9 some months back
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    Awesome advice. "Honey, Honey, LOOK WHAT I WON!!!"