Oversized Mag Buttons now available from LongShot

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by LongShotMfg, Apr 8, 2015.

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    Just listed on our website. Brand new product that many people have been asking us for. Our Oversized Mag Release buttons are available in in either Black Delrin (my favorite) black anodized aluminum and brushed aluminum. Our crosshairs logo is engraved on the buttons, giving them a really nice look, too.

    Photos are posted in the Photos section of the forum under Carbines, new stuff from LongShot.

    Also posted in the Photos section are pics of our new "SHORTY" shroud that allows you to mount both a factory brake AND retain use of the factory front iron sights. These shrouds will be available on our website in a few days, as we are getting ready to launch our brand new website that ....wait for it....here it comes....ACTUALLY WORKS like a business website is supposed to! We will make a formal announcement about our new website the day that it goes live.

    Also, photos of our new Adapter Plate that allows you to securely mount the factory rear iron sights to any of our picatinny top rails.

    All feedback is appreciated, so please take a look at the photos and let us know what you think.

    We have some other really big things in the works that we will announce as soon as things become finalized, so stay tuned.
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    I have been wanting an oversized mag release button for a long time...They look great... I like the black with the silver target inlay... NICE...

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    Called LongShot back and ordered one of each Mag Button... They are only $19.00 each shipping INCLUDED (regular mail) but it only takes 2 days to get here from New Jersey anyway and he's mailing them today... Here's a picture but if it doesn't load you can see them on his website...

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    Come up with a magnetic mag release like they have for AR's and us poor CommieFornian's who have to deal with "Bullet Buttons" will buy them!