Oy! you Nagant people...

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  1. Fleet Farm has 20rnd Boxes of wolf for $9.99. I was surprised since when I bought my MN last summer they said they had no plans to carry it. THe one be me was getting down about 10-12 boxes (so I grabbed 4)

    THey also have a sale on ammo tins. The 7.62 200 cartridge can holds 8 boxes of wolf or S&B just slick as can be.
    So yeah I bought one of those as well.
  2. Yeesh!

    Glad I got over 5,000 rds of Czech silvertip at the old prices of $79.00/880 rds!

    Also got over 3,000 rds of the Czech 46 gr practice ammo at $79.00/812 rds!

  3. Yeah milsurp is the way to go but $10 a box is better than the $19 a box the S & B cost me. I'm keeping my fingers crossed the the gun show in a few weeks will have some goood priced milsurp.
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    I need to find some more of that czech silver tip. I love that stuff.... :(
  5. There's still a few deals to be had for the MN ammo if you shop around. The 8mm mauser ammo is getting ridiculous.
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    Ya and 8mm Mauser does not use the same bullet as anything else (.323) I have so can't even buy the bullets in any real bulk for reloading. But I sure like to shoot my K98.
  7. 8mm has tripled in price in the last two years. I know that's one caliber they don't use in Iraq. I paid 39.00 for my 380 round spam can 2 years ago. Now, they're going for 100 plus when you can find them. :?