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+P 10 mm ammo

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Anyone know of a mfg of +P 100 ammo??? Wondering since the HI Point 10 mm carbine is +P rated.
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So you're obviously planning on ignoring all the information given to you thus far.
But you said “Run your 10mm as the bad ass hand cannon Jeff Cooper designed it to be...“

Sounds like you told him to do what he wanted, even though you also told him it wasn’t smart.
Interesting data point on the Demolition Ranch Youtube. He shoots a bunch of ballistic gel torsos, and includes the HP 10 mm carbine.

It penetrates 5 torsos, and keeps going. Without the vests. About 8:18 in the video.
Yeah, I know there’s lots of stupid in there. But it’s nice to know the thing penetrates close to 45 inches of gel....

Well...there is .41 magnum...so why not?;)
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Interesting. I'll check out Mcarbo
Just don’t buy ANYTHING from them for the Hi Points. Really. Don’t do it.

I bought some Keltec springs from them, and that was OK.

I loaded a lot of 10 mm with lead 180 grain bullets, for plinking. Not hot, but they aren’t just .40 S&W either. I really need to put them through a chronograph and see what’s up.
I also put together some hotter JHPs using Hornady XTP. They smack the steel hard.
All done within the books numbers...I like my fingers, plan on keeping them for as long as possible.
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What about Galloway Precision? I just saw a video from them about changing out the trigger with an adjustable trigger stop "Rat Rod" trigger on a 10mm Hi Point. They seemed to be OK - sure have a lot of things like stainless return spring rods for other brands. I have a Canik TP9 SF Elite and they have a lot of parts for them including a +2 round mag base. Couldn't find anything on their site for Hi Point Carbines so I suppose that trigger is a new item - they said they were looking at the HI Point 10 mm mag to see what they could do towards a +2 mag base. They have things for the Hi Point Pistols but I didn't look there since I only have the carbine.
I have no idea about Galloway.

I like 2 stage triggers, so I kind of like the HP triggers. IMHO, based on my experience, I get more variation in group size based on the ammo used, than from trigger pull issues. So I just shoot them, and don’t fiddle with them, beyond getting a few of the various triggers that used to be offered, mostly for cosmetic reasons.
Those triggers have been out for years. They sold me some too stiff recoil spring assemblies for my Glock 23, and my G27 both .40's. Malfunction city! Way too much.
Just get hotter ammo, that’ll fix things! Don’t worry about that unsupported chamber thing.

I’ve never replaced the OEM springs in a 40, if you want less manly recoil, get a little 9 mm. :ROFLMAO:
BTW, I put a 9 mm conversion barrel in a G22, with no other changes. It barely recoils, and brass MIGHT go 4 feet away.
What generation Glock? I didn't buy a heavier spring for lightening the recoil. Just taming muzzle flip on my 23, and my 27. Gen3's you can use the RSA with 9mm. Same as my Gen4 G27.

G22 is no problem. No need to convert to 9. I have 2 G17's, neither one are black. FDE, and ODG.
Muzzle flip is created by recoil. So....yes you were.;)

The G22 generation is a mystery to me. Police trade in, by the looks, just holster wear, but not much else. When I buy a Glock, which I've done twice, I don't really care what Gen it is. I'm buying that gun at the price I like. IIRC it has finger ridges, so I guess Gen 3?
But you're right, that big thing has no issue with .40.
Yep. Gen 3 with Austria on the slide. Only wear is the muzzle end corners of the slide.
RSA. Recoil spring assembly? If so, yeah, I didn’t swap anything out but the barrel.
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