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+P 10 mm ammo

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Anyone know of a mfg of +P 100 ammo??? Wondering since the HI Point 10 mm carbine is +P rated.
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That whole "all of our guns are built to withstand +p" is kind of hyperbole when it comes to the 10mm Auto. As you have read, there is no such thing as +p 10mm Auto ammunition. I've only been loading for, and shooting with a 10mm G20 for going on 6 years now? So there are much more experienced folks out there who will tell you the same.

Run your 10mm as the bad ass hand cannon Jeff Cooper designed it to be...

Although for the carbine, we'll start calling it a shoulder-fired cannon.
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So you're obviously planning on ignoring all the information given to you thus far. There is no such thing as +p 10mm Auto.

Buffalo Bore does not make +p 10mm Auto ammunition. They make "Heavy" ammo which is considered full (SAAMI spec) power. A simple trip to their website would have given you this:

The Buffalo Bore Heavy 10MM ammo is the result of many years of customers requests that we produce several such loads for the 10MM.

These loads bring out the full potential of the 10MM but operate at standard pressures and as such, are safe to use in any standard 10MM pistol. Please don't phone us and ask if these loads are safe in your 10MM - THEY ARE SAFE--provided your 10MM is a normal operating pistol in good condition.

We are using flash-suppressed powders so your vision will not be materially affected should you be required to drop the hammer in low light.

If you are firing this 10MM ammo from an autoloader and experience high extreme spreads in velocity, it is not the ammo. Here is why and how to remedy the situation.


Full power 10MM ammo has always generated enough recoil and pressure to require a pretty stiff recoil spring in your handgun - this, of course, depends on several variables such as your slide weight, etc. When the cartridge fires, it generates enough pressure/recoil to prematurely open your breech face in some guns. When this happens, the opening breech face has an effect on the burn rate of the powder. This can result in some fairly high extreme spreads in velocity. If you are experiencing extreme velocity spreads of more than 50 fps, simply install a stiffer recoil spring.
So... again...stop chasing unicorns and listen to the people who have experience with this ammunition. With the HP line of firearms being direct blowback, it is inadvisable to shoot "heavy" or full power 10mm Auto.
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Well at least I did glean some usefull information from you even though you are pretty much a pompass ass and a complete know it all! I see you are an Administrator - I'm sure you know more about this caliber and these rifles then I do since I just bought one. But I generally choose not to pay a lot of attention to people who Spout what essentially is "How Dare You Not DO What I Say"! Which what is essentially what you just did. You obviously didn't realize I was entering into "conversation". I did actually look up Buffalo Bore and did in fact not find +P and actually found "Heavy" bullets and heavy loads. I also ask them if they ever did make +P and/or planned to make it in the future. I'm curious of what their answers will be - if they respond. I see in the insert you have provided that Buffalo says their ammo including "Heavy" loads are safe in pistols. Are you saying Hi Point Rifles are not as strong as their Pistols with ammo meeting SAMMI specs??

Well considering the fact that HP doesn't make a 10mm handgun, the carbine is all you have to go by. Second of all if you read the quoted material directly from BB they advise increasing the strength of the recoil springs in auto loading handguns that are suffering from erratic velocity due to the breech opening prematurely from the increased blow back pressure. HP firearms are those firearms. They are true inertially damped blow back operated actions, not locked breech systems. So while your Glocks, Colts, EAA's, etc use a short recoil locking breech your HP has a heavy ass slide and a recoil spring holding it closed. One of the aftermarket "extra power" recoil springs for the other carbines being sold by a crappy manufacturer was recalled for actually causing full auto runaways.

So you're chasing +P 10mm ammo despite several people telling you it doesn't exist and your own inability to find it.

You're ignoring the ammunition manufacturer's own advice to use stiffer recoil springs due to their Full Power per spec ammo causing issues in certain types of firearms and actions.

Now we'll throw in the complete lack of aftermarket internals and the fact that one of the few manufacturers of said internal parts kits is shady, sells dangerous junk, and WAS a member of this forum until he refused to honor his own warranty on the springs that turned out were just from the local hardware store (ballpoint pen springs in the case of the trigger/sere) and were never properly measured in comparison to the ratings of the factory springs.

So, yeah. I'm a bit of a dick when it comes to the potentially unsafe operation of a firearm, regardless of manufacturer. Too many years dealing with the devastation as both a Marine and Firefighter/Medic.

Rachgier -
Some how I included another post before finishing this one - no way to edit it as I can see. But it did remind me that you didn't bother to answer my question on G20 pistol's. No matter.
Yes, the G20 is a 10mm. I assumed that was directly implied and understood due to your question about 10mm ammunition...
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But you said “Run your 10mm as the bad ass hand cannon Jeff Cooper designed it to be...“

Sounds like you told him to do what he wanted, even though you also told him it wasn’t smart.
Run it as intended, not looking for mythical higher pressure/over pressure rounds. Operate it in a safe manner. Understand the limits and limitations of both the round and firearm. You know, that whole safe and responsible gun owner thing? Unless your cool with disseminating incorrect and potentially dangerous information.... which we both know you say you're not, based on certain Dark Room conversations.
Yea - you know what you and your buddy are in the same club. I ask a simple question and your buddy got all up in my face metaphorically speaking. The simple answer would of been that currently there in no 10mm +P ammo being made. That is all I was asking. He went off on SAMMI spec's and how if you exceded SAMMI specks every thing would blow up. I continued asking questions and started researching Sammi Spec's. He did back out of the conversation and the conversation continued about 10mm ammo and the 10mm Carbine. I in no way castigated the Hi Point Carbine I actually like it - that is why I bought it. I believe you did not bother to read the entire thread just jumped in the middle somewhere and found where I did not and do not accept the way your buddy was "talking" to me" so to speak, nor your particular need to "put me in my place". The only thing I might have said that could be considered "Castigating" is saying I was getting a Red Dot sight because I didn't like the current sights on the carbine. Only a pompous ass like you could look at that as "Castigating" your precious Carbine. Being a Forum Administrator just means you and he have a big enough ego to lord over others who partake in the forum - possibly you have a better "understanding of the product - but there proved to be many more who responded and seemed more enlightened then your buddy or you do. I have learned a lot from this forum none of it from you or your buddy "The Forum Administrator"!
Oh I didn't back out of the conversation, I was done speaking. If you'll notice, all of the other "advice" you got is exactly what I told you only delivered in snowflake friendly packaging.

You got the simple answer a half dozen times, yet insisted it had to exist somewhere... but wish in one hand and shit in the other, as they say. I apologize if you feel that you were spoken down to, but that's how I tend to reward repetitive ignorance in the face of multiple sources of the correct and requested information being ignored.

I actually didn't really want the job as admin but we didn't have one and the owners offered it to me after I recommended the other guy, who had in turn recommended me...
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