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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Drewz21, Jun 4, 2015.

  1. Drewz21

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    I've enjoyed shooting some +P rounds through my 4595 and I know the manual says it is +P rated but, a could a mix of +P use over time damage the rifle any?

  2. SWAGA

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    Shooting regular loads will eventually wear it out.
    Shooting weaker loads will eventually wear it out but it will take longer.
    Shooting stronger loads will eventually wear it out but it will take less.

    Just mechanics that's all.
    Difference may only be a couple of hundred rounds. Who knows.
    Shoot it and enjoy it.
    HiPoint will fix anything.

  3. ArmyScout

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    There are several threads here about +P. Might try to dig them up, lots of information about +P. If your firearm is +P approved, there is no problem. If any firearm is shot enough, it will wear out the barrel. I went through 3 M1 Carbines when in Korea before getting a decent one because they were Korean War vintage and were shot out junk.
  4. I would shoot equal amounts of -P ammo to get average life out of it.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Just for plinking +P is unnecessary for cost. SD or HD why not?
  6. ndindy

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    It will accelerate wear, slightly, but shouldn't damage anything. The action is a huge safety breaker when it comes to over pressure rounds. The hotter the round, the faster the slide moves. Unless you're loading up with powder so fast the action can't move before it explodes I don't think you *can* overpressure and cause a failure.