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  1. North Star

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    Just for what itis worth, the following are the prices seen for High Points at the show.

    C-9 $159.00
    40 $169.00
    45 $189.00

    That's it. Good show. Some good deals. Another show this February.

    Get your Christmas list in early, and see you at the range with your new toys. :lol:
  2. No good shows around Pittsburgh there used to be one at the Monroville expo mart till some idiot shot himself in the foot and gun shows were banned there. The only other one is in Harmerville which I heard isnt that good

  3. did you go to the one in Harrisburg? i was there on sunday :D it was like a dream come true, lolz hahaha. ok, maybe not or other wise i would have walked out with everything
  4. Voyager Al

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    1Knight, it s the same gun show at harmar. It was a lil tight in the beginning, but its in 2 sides now. Its as good as the Expomart was.
  5. I have had little luck in the past years with gun shows. I remember them when I was young, people had BOOTHS set up, not just tables. What I have seen lately is simply sad.
  6. It was back to one side last month.

    I think the next one got moved because they couldn't reserve the building.

    It's the same show that was at Monroeville, but it's not "the same"... :(
  7. North Star

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    Yes, this was the show in Harrisburg. I did enjoy it. Was there both days.
    Foind it interesting that Gov. Rendell decided to become vocal the Monday following the gun show, to rally the anti gun bill in the state house. Not even 24 hours later. Glad I joined the NRA at the show.

  8. Ari

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    those prices are not bad!