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    got a new pa63 yesterday and i havent fired it yet but i was wondering if there was any ammo in particular that the gun likes the best and what you would recommend for personal defense im new to 9x18?
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    Don't go above the 95 grain bullet weight or you may damage your firearm.
    Also you may find the springs a little stiff. You can tame that little puppy with some springs from here:
    It will make a nice difference to the recoil and the trigger. I did it and I love it.

    Someone else will chime in with a defense ammo suggestion.
    Have fun.

  3. My son's works ok with the Silver Bear hollow points, but it needed some polishing first. Of my 2, one feeds the Silver Bear HP great, and the other (despite polishing) is ok, but not 100%. Magazines do matter. We bought 6 mags with the 3 pistols and one will not function with the HP. 2 of the others needed to be taken apart and massaged a bit to work well, the others had no problems. We've tried 3 different types of ball with them (Norinco, Wolf, S&B) and no problems at all. There are other HP rounds but I've not found them on a shelf yet, so I've not tried them.

    Check out unc's link above to because the double action is super heavy and I've heard changing springs helps. That's my next change.

    The pistol is a near copy of a Walther PP; it resembles its looks and comes apart the same way. Remember that the 9mm Russian round is only about 10% more powerful than the .380, so it's no powerhouse. I feel the same way about both rounds: "Carry hollow points but don't expect any expansion."

    I posted about mine here:

    I think you're going to like it. I'd be comfortable carrying it if I didn't already have pistols I like better. :mrgreen:
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    I carry mine with 95 grain fmj's I don't think the 1100 FPS you might get out of it are going to give enough penetration with a hp. I recomend replacing the mainspring with a lighterweight spring and the recoil spring with a heavier one, it brings the groups down quite a bit. also I strongly recomend these grips. here is mine after quite a bit of work I love the thing.