Packing out for 2 weeks

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  1. 5 pairs underwear.
    2 t-shirts.
    2 pairs BDU pants.
    7 pairs socks.
    1 pair exercise shorts.
    1 pair swimsuit.
    1 Nomex hood.
    1 pair rain pants.
    1 sweat shirt.

    That's what I've worn for up to a month, no laundry. Only get to take one pack with you, so clothing is kept to a minimum... I learned swimsuits are great in the field cause you can wear 'em for weeks so long as you can jump in the shower every now and then. Athletic shorts also take a while to get funky when used as underwear. :).

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    You need gloves and a good hat as well :wink:

  3. can't wear hat, I have to wear a helmet and you're only allowed to wear nomex under the helmet... and I have to wear fire gloves so no need for regular ones either.
  4. Hope it warms up, about 60 degrees!
  5. Dude, if your feet sweat a lot, change your socks every time you stop. Take the sweaty ones and hang them on your pack to dry. Dry feet are happy feet!! Same thing with the underwear. Excessive moisture will cause the skin at the inner top of the thighs to develope a heat rash. It's a very simple fix and could mean the difference between comfort and shear misery.

    I'd boost the socks and underwear to 10 each and maybe a small can of foot powder for good measure. Also, drop the sweatshirt and add a wool sweater or some other piece of clothing that's not COTTON. The sweatshirt will work if you're mobile, but it won't keep you warm if you're planning on sleeping in it.

    Stay diligent with the socks and underwear and your boots will stay dry and your outer clothing will stay fresher longer. I would also suggest a small tube of anti-itch creme and triple anti-biotic creme as minimal requirements as well as a tube of aspercreme or that new "Head-On" stuff because that works pretty good on aching muscles. Trust me, this stuff will help keep your sanity if it comes to needing it. Hope everything goes well for you. Let us know when you get back. :wink:
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    Excellent post Plank!
    I am thinking of those items now for my BOB.
  7. Thanks Elgaupo.

    I often think the reason we're on the forum is because a lot of heads together can usually come up with some pretty good ideas. He may have this stuff already, but I wanted to make sure he, at the least, had another opinion in case he missed something. I like "food for thought" for some reason. :wink:
  8. I have to wear cotton. It's supposedly more fire-resistant than any other natural fabric, and polyester will melt to your skin.