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  1. Hey Everybody, I just bought a HP .40 cal and I'm wondering if anyone knows of any paddle holsters or Serpa holsters that will fit it. Also what kind of holsters are you guys using with your HP's and how are they working for you, are there any brands that I should stay away from?

    P.S. have any of you guys tried out the ghost ring rear sight? do you Love/Hate it more than the 3 dot sight?
  2. I cant help you with the holster, but I have tried the ghost sight, and personally didnt care for it. But there are others that love it so you will just have to try it out yourself and let us know how you like it :)

  3. I'm not entirely sure, but I think I read somewhere that the .40 and the .45 are the same frame, and slide; just the chamber and barrel are different. If someone can confirm that then yes, Fobus makes a paddle for it. As far as the ghost ring, there's no ghosts around here to shoot...heh...silly...seriously tho, I've got a ringer for a C9 and JHP. I'm not about to mess around with the sights.
  4. I just checked Fobus' site and they only had one for the 380/9mm
  5. I am pretty sure you are correct Ernie.
  6. no problem, thats why we're all here
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    Fobus for the the JHP.45 works great. Something I did on my
    C9 and JHP .45 Fobus, was squirt a shot of silcon spray where
    the trigger guard fits. Smooth draw when you grip tightly and
    give a brisk tug! Bud
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    Hello All !
    Does the Fobus Evolution that fits the JHP45 ride high enough and close enough to use it for CCW??

    I carry mine in a shoulder rig but it does not conceal the best.

  9. The Fobus code for the 40/45 holster is HPP
    For the 380/9 it is HP2
  10. i'm new c9 owner and after few hundred round, i found the ghost ring sight work much better for me. keep my pistol nose up.