Paint chipping off barrel?

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  1. I just got back from the range. I was Running some patches down my barrel and I started to notice that paint was peeling off of the barrel. Is this normal? So far Ive only put 350 rounds through my .40 jcp, anyone with any similar experiences? Sorry if this has allready been answered, Thanks for the help, in advance.

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    Yes it is normal, nothing to worry about. When it happened to my C9 I just decided to remove all the paint from my barrel.

  4. My .40 and my C9 both chipped until I started putting a light coating of white grease on them. Now they are really doesn't bother me. If I ever get brave enough to break the gun all the way down, I might just take all the paint off. I like the look.
  5. What did you guys use to strip all the paint off the barrel? Any issues with surface rust?
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    Jokeys solution is to polish the zinc slide where it touches the barrel.

    Both of mine were pretty roughly finished in the "hole" part of the slide.

    You can do it without removing the slide from the weapon. Just reverse wrap the barrel with some wet and dry 120 g paper and run the slide back and forth.
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    I used sand paper to strip it off about 8 months ago. Keep it oiled and I haven’t seen any rust yet. I may cold blue it when I refinish my Makarov this month.
  8. Well I took my C9 apart and removed the barrel. I have been wanting to polish the feed ramps so I think I will go ahead and polish the barrel. Has anybody ever polished the entire barrel assembly?