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  1. hypothetically, how well would a good adhesion promoter, krylon flat black, and a good clear coat hold up on my receiver shoud???? I'm simply wonderin.

  2. Dunno, but I would say if you prep properly and get a good primer on there it ought to do okay.

  3. I would use a epoxy if I could get a small amount.
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    flat black spray paint for charcoal grills holds up very well and is very heat resistant
  5. I have used duracoat on my 308 with great results. I am thinking of using it on my 995 and possibly my .40. It holds up great and is easy to use. However it costs a bit more then the krylon or grill spray paint.
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    There are guys that use regular Krylon spray paint and bake it at about 250 deg. for a couple hours? I have done a simular process with Rustoluim on metal stuff I paint. Not really rocket science!
  7. sweet thanks for the good ideas guys!
  8. Another dumb question.

    Does painting the factory stock void any kind of warranty?
  9. Didn't paint the shroud, because I wanted black with (camo) don't know about the warranty, but I did my stock by cleaning well with rubbing alcahol, then put on a base coat of Krylon Fusion, then three other colors of Krylon fusion. Let it dry for a couple days. It is pretty tough, but will scratch, if you are rough with it.Grips are (Tractiongrips).Jim <><

  10. Diamond Jim again;
    Shot the little camo job the first time today, sighting in the red dot, 25 yd, first 2 shots outside of the 4 in circle (adjusted the scope) rest of mag of Rem UMC 115gr fneb, inside of 3 inch circle, next mag of Win 115 gr FMJ target/range all inside the 3 in circle, moved back to 50 yd, and another mag of Rem and another of Win. all in the 3 in. circle, including a little fine tuning on the red dot. Most inside of 2 in circle. Great little fun gun. Absolutely no hick-ups. Very satisfied owner...... Jim <><
  11. Great to hear another Happy HP person!!! :D