pancake hat on bunny

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  1. can someone post that rabbit with the pancake hat pic for me please?

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    I believe that would be PrimalSeals but I'm not sure

  3. I had a better selection, although that one came up a little low res on my version. Just google Pancake Bunny and you'll have lots of options.
  4. thanks, gonna share it somewhere else.
  5. pure classic internets right there.
  6. jason865

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    The rabbit with the Pancake was named oolong, and owned I believe by a japanese dude. He had a website at one time with pictures of the same rabbit with all kinds of crap on it's head. I couldn't find it now, but didnt look to hard.

    Oh yea, and that bunny passed away a while back.
  7. Kelotravolski

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    :shock: why would you put crap on a rabbits head?
  8. jason865

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    Why would you put anything on a bunny's head? The guy is probably some 40 year old dude with a rabbit fetish living with his parents anyway if he actually thinks that balancing assorted items on his rabbits head is entertaining enough for a full photo gallery.
  9. Kelotravolski

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    I don't mean this to be offensive but the weirdest things I have ever seen are Japanese... (just look at Japanese game shows and you will know what I mean) I guess a pancake on a bunnies head is not that far off from the rest.
  10. Then there is this one.

    Proudly swiped from "Glock Talk."

  11. It's funny, I love the pancake bunny, it's a shame the little guy died. I will place something on my Mastiffs head to pay homage...

  12. If its edible, watch your hands :shock: :lol:
  13. I kept that pic for a long time. Any time my wife would send me BS about something I did, I sent her the Pancake Bunny pic. It got to be a big joke as she'd send me something and then realize it was kind of a dumb question and she'd know what was coming. LOL
  15. Ari

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    that is not the question. the question is why wouldnt you? :D And buy the way I knew that guy and we had that rabbit for dinner. :shock:
  16. LOL, ari, you are out there sometimes man.