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    So I know I haven't been active as much as I would like, but being back on the day shift keeps me busy during the day, and I just took over my shop as the LPO for you navy types, the boss for you not navy guys. And I also picked up a slight project......pause for dramatic effect and drum roll........ a 1981 kawasaki kz1000m1 csr. It runs and rides, it's the little things that are keeping me busy after work and on the weekends. Fix this, trouble shooting that, but no major issues since last weekend since I got the carbs and ignition smoothed out. Now i just have to wait until the 25th to take my basic rider's course and I can be on the road with it!

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    Groovy. Ya gotta have hobbies or you are just existing, not living.

    Peace favor your sword,

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    We're not all on here every day - real lives take precedence.
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    Sweet looking 'ol scooter. i love the classic 'jap crap' from the 70s and early 80s. brings back a lot of memories growin up in a small town motorcycle club. i've got an 80 CB750 that i've got on the back burner hoping to get it tore down and put back on the street. that Kaw is gorgeous!
  5. That was the sh!t back in the day !! I love em !!
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    ImageUploadedByHi-Point Forum1402516920.814713.jpg ...............
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    well as of right now, i've had to:
    -clean the carb jets since they were clogged
    -replace the fuel line and filter
    -replace the battery
    -clean the start button internals (complete disassembly of the button, including soldering it out and in)
    -replace the ic ignitor and points condenser plate with the dyna s unit
    -plug wires and caps
    -and clean and relube the chain.

    next on the to do list is:
    -replace the coils, which got here today
    -reseal the motor, i've found some leaks
    -replace the tank since my roommate's daughter knocked mine off a box i had it sitting on and put a good size dent in and the inside of the tank was coated, which is now starting to peel off, which also got here today
    -paint the tank that got here today
    -put the center kick stand on, which is coming with the tank
    -rebuild the petcock
    -install the chain guard once it gets here, the PO didn't give me one
    -vacuum sync the carbs

    all of these are relatively small and easy things to do and will get done before i take the basic rider's course on the 25th.
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    Nice!!! My favorite Kowie is the old '71 500 Triple!

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    because i have no other input on this subject, i just wanted to add:

    -rebuilt petcock

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  10. I hope you have many pleasant miles that end with numerous pleasant memories.
  11. I havent been on much lately either. Still checkin in from time to time but havent done much posting.
    Between work, the kids (2yr olds semi-potty trained!), and the non stop home projects. I've been busy. Last couple months have been non stop vehiclular issues, not helpin my financial situation. Firearms have taken a back seat for now.
    I hope everyone's been doing well tho.

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    Good here... Hope things shape up for you bud!

  13. Thanks.
    Could be worse. But we all know, when it rains it pours.
    Just an FYI to any other honda owners. Your ecu and fuel pump ground on the thermostat housing. 3 days tryin to figure out why it had no spark. Hours of testing, wire tracing, distributor rebuilding.... All for a loose ground on the thermostat. With a broken rib, this was extra irritating. No one ever told me "if u got no spark, check your themostat"....... Hondas..... :)

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  14. 60ratrod

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    Ouch smb! I broke 2 ribs on my 2008 deployment on the USS Lincoln. Well, the "new" tank is a no go for now, it has rust scaling in it, so I need to cut that open and sand blast it. The coils came in, so I went to swap those out and found my brackets were in bad shape, one being halfass repaired and cracked, so I decided to have happy fun arts and crafts time and make 2 replacements. One's about 65% done, the other I still need to start on. But that's gonna wait until I finish this one. And now to show off my totally awesome skills LOL.

  15. 60ratrod

    60ratrod STFU CARL! Member

    So, as of right now, I've finished both brackets and hopefully fixed the oil leaks. Now I'm waiting on the new plug wires to come in and I should be set. I'll take photos of the final products tomorrow
  16. 60ratrod

    60ratrod STFU CARL! Member

    and here's the photos:

    the new with the original on the right:

    both finished brackets:

    and with the new coil installed and a 150* bend to clear the gas tank:
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    So playing around with the bikes has continued since my last post. I now have an 81 suzuki gs650g and I've been spending as much time riding that as I can, when I wasn't working on the kawasaki. Well I finally had to take it off the road due to rust issues in the tank clogging the carbs and 2nd gear popping out at enthusiastic rpms. But I have gotten the kawasaki to run as of sunday, and he runs like a raped ape. I'll get photos up when I get home, and maybe a video of the kz if I can finish the drag bar handle bar conversion tonight. I had to fab some turn signal brackets since my signals clamped to the old bars
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    NE Utah
    I'm jealous! Good for you!
  19. 60ratrod

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    I've definitely added another addiction that's for sure
  20. 60ratrod

    60ratrod STFU CARL! Member

    and the photos and video as promised

    81 suzuki gs650g "Shelah"

    81 kawasaki kz1000m1 CSR "Sarge"

    and the video of sarge running

    and if you were wondering where the names came from, the red vs blue halo internet cartoon series